123 Kids Fun Autumn Puzzle Apk – Add puzzle with autumn natural materials

123 Kids Fun Autumn Puzzle android app apk contains puzzles in 3 difficulty levels. The pieces consists of natural materials with autumn feel and there are different forms to create in each level.

123 Kids Fun Autumn Puzzle App was created by RosMedia previously created 123 Kids Fun Music Box. The new android app includes puzzles that are divided into three different difficulty levels. Each level has 16 puzzles to choose from and there are thus 48 in total. The levels differ in that there are more and more detailed pieces to put in place.

123 kids fun autumn puzzle

The pieces consist of various natural materials such as pine cones, sticks, chestnuts, flowers, berries and stones. Together they form different animals, things and figures. Through a clear menu, you can choose the shape you want to piece with. Then pull the pieces to the right place in a traditional puzzle. The shape that you selected appears faintly in the background, and for every correct piece will figure strongly in color. If you pull a piece to the wrong place go back into the side and you get to try again. The app contains no time pressure and it is possible to try repeatedly until they succeed.

123 kids fun autumn puzzle apk

Once the puzzle has been added swirling autumn leaves up and the pieces will then travel to the edge again. Then you can choose to piece the same form again or choose a new one. 123 Kids Fun Puzzle Autumn app for android , iphone or ipad has a clear and simple menu. It is simple to choose puzzles or level and it is also possible to scroll with arrows to jump to the next.

123 kids fun autumn puzzle app

My five year old has played 123 Kids Fun Autumn Puzzle on our iPad and like it. For a five year old was the first two levels of difficulty no greater challenge, the hardest level was the one that worked best. We think 123 Kids Fun Puzzle Autumn is a great app kids who like puzzle. It will be a new feeling when traditional pieces are replaced with natural materials and one gets the feeling that you create while you puzzle. The app can also serve as inspiration to create your own figures by real natural materials. The app provides a quiet, impressions and plays relaxing music in the background. Through the levels, you can customize and several younger children in the editorial team have experienced app funny and challenging.

The 123 Kids Fun Autumn Puzzle app is free from third-party advertising and purchase inside the app. Behind a child safety are external links to both social media and other apps from the same developer.

123 Kids Fun Puzzle Autumn suit children aged 3-5 years and the grade gets a 3.

The app is available in a free version Here for those who want to try before purchase.