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Best Games for Galaxy Note 7. Here are some of my all time favorite android games that I play on my Galaxy Note 7. I love playing these games on my Note 7 as the SPen complements most of these games and Note 7 was able to comfortably handle even graphics intensive games.

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Games in the video:
0:21 Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons: http://goo.gl/FtyFvX
1:19 Deus Ex: http://goo.gl/p601nH
1:57 CSR Racing 2: http://goo.gl/4eSjQ1
2:24 Magic Touch: http://goo.gl/DmffVE
2:55 Scribble Racer: http://goo.gl/cCRrTQ
3:16 Trap: http://goo.gl/3gZulj
3:48 World Of Goo: http://goo.gl/ccqUSV
4:14 Brain Dots: http://goo.gl/KSD9mt
4:36 Assassin’s Creed Identity: http://goo.gl/ywG8NH
5:05 Badlands 2: http://goo.gl/1QAihn
5:37 Asphalt 8 Airborne: http://goo.gl/GeYqD7
6:23 Alto’s Adventure: http://goo.gl/PI16qt
7:00 SkyForce Reloaded: http://goo.gl/3kXKME
7:39 Dream League 2016: http://goo.gl/srfg4I
8:01 Implosion: http://goo.gl/XmhIey
8:33 Mekorama: http://goo.gl/OnAVGB
8:55 HyperBurner: http://goo.gl/aSgeu1
9:14 Kingdom Rush: http://goo.gl/EaqCix
9:44 Counter Spy: http://goo.gl/EZMqWv
10:17 Xenowork: http://goo.gl/1ORSvr
10:55 Gangster Vegas: http://goo.gl/tUS49J
11:22 Valiant Hearts: http://goo.gl/CEQQHL
12:00 The End of World: http://goo.gl/kyvOAW


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