6 Best Photo Editing Apps You Have to Try Right Now

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Hi friends, today this site love to share to you an awesome video of 6 Best Photo Editing Apps You Have to Try Right Now, enjoy video right after it

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Video Description:
I asked on Twitter recently what video you wanted me to do next and you overwhelming chose this for me to do one on the best photo editing apps you should try right now.

When I suggested it, I'll be honest, I wasn't quite prepared for just how many photo editing apps there are. From ones that strictly turn your photo into 8 bit video game-esque murals, to ones that just put text overlays on the photos, I realized quickly that I needed to come up with some stricter criteria for the best photo editing app.

For this video, I decided that each app needed to not just be good at one, very obscure feature, but that they needed to be good at editing photos in general (and in some cases where they specialize in a feature, it needs to be one that is trulay helpful in photography overall, not just a thing you'll use once). They also can't just be a camera app, since I feel that's a different article (let me know if you'd like that one soon), and they can't be a social network (Instagram kept coming up on this search and while, yes, it has photo editing features, that's cheating). And, finally, they have to work on Android and iOS, because, well, that's just fair to you guys and if they have an app for both that people are using and writing about, then they're doing something right inherently.

So, with that criteria set in place, I scoured the web and here are the photo editing apps I kept coming back to.

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