Asus ZenFone 4 Review : Affordable Android Smartphone

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Asus ZenFone 4 Review -, Asus is the Android world, best known for the two Nexus tablet now developed together with Google, for its Transformer series and their PadFones. What is unusual ZenFone 4 is partly that it has Intel inside, but also that the phone is so small in size. In a smartphone climate where the 4.5-inch screens called "mini" and the new top models have at least five-inch screens, provides ZenFone a tiny screen.

Some still prefer smaller screens and we like that Asus provides a 4-incher, which is the same screen size as the iPhone 5 and 5s. Given that ZenFone 4 is a device in the bottom segment is the resolution of old-school: WVGA (480 x 800 pixels). We will now take a little closer look at the Asus ZenFone 4 and examine whether there is an affordable phone.

The box is just like the phone itself small and, in addition ZenFone 4:01 a.m. manual, and combined USB cable and charger.

Appearance of Asus Zenfone 4

The model of ZenFone 4 we tested has a black front, while the back is metallic red. The color is called Cherry Red by Asus. Apparently backing anodized seven times to create an "unconventional" finish.

asus zenfone 4

Above the display sits a speaker and front camera. Below the screen houses a capacitive back button, a home button, and a button to open Android's multitasking menu. Above on the left side, Asus has placed the micro-USB port, while we find the power and volume buttons on the right side.

The back houses the 5MP camera and speaker, which sits just to the right of the camera. The underside is empty - 3.5mm jack located on the top. The back cover can be removed and the less fit the micro-SIM card and any memory cards (up to 64GB).

asus zenfone 4 review

ZenFone 4 measures 124 x 61 x 11 millimeters and weighing 115 grams, as Tres part. Although the cell phone weighs little unusual, we think it feels slightly heavier than it apparently is. We believe that ZenFone 4 fits in the hand and the phone feels surprisingly well built and robust, considering the price.

It has been a breath of fresh air to use such a small screen again and to be able to reach everywhere in the interface without any problem.

Asus Zenfone 4 Smartphone Screen

As the name suggests, Asus has equipped asus ZenFone 4 with a 4-inch display. Today it has been really uncommon with such a "small" screens, although four inches once considered bamse large. We did however see the Xperia M last summer, although it is a budget phone with a 4-inch display.

In some situations reminiscent screen of the mobile of a bygone era (in a less flattering way) with a lack of focus, viewing angles and brightness, but at the same time, we think the screen is good enough for most. Those who want the best screen technology will, of course, do not get ZenFone 4. We have not felt that we needed sacrificing much compared to the expensive top models during the test period, besides just the current screen.

Given that the device costs about one-sixth as much as several recent worst ones, we still screen pass. Something that should be noted is that the display has no automatic brightness, but Asus includes quick set brightness in the drop down menu.

The interface, along with the size of the asus smartphone, is what we like most about ZenFone 4. The system is based at present on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but the company has promised a surprise update to KitKat.

Like the HTC allows Asus the color of their own apps upper menus is reflected in the status bar at the top. It gives in our opinion a fresh, modern and airy impression and simply looks good. Asus has not made any radical intervention in Android, even if the manufacturer changed the colors and icons and how some features work.

If you pull down the notification menu on the right side of the screen, for example, all speed settings, while a wipe down from the left side brings up the usual notification menu. It's something we've only seen the CyanogenMod in the phones so far. For those who are not accustomed to the behavior it may be a tad frustrating initially and we had appreciated the opportunity to turn it off.

How fast is this smartphone? ZenFone 4 often have an acceptable rate of the interface. The working memory of 1GB and dual-core Intel Atom Z2520 processor (1.2GHz) makes it all tough on pretty well.

When it happens a lot at once, the system can be really tough and stay up, but to jump in and out of normal applications generally go pretty fast. The cell phone can of course not compete with the top models in speed, but it's also the price range is quite different.

For mixed use, like surfing, twittering, download from Google Play, YouTube viewing and sending of e-mails and instant messaging, we came usually in excess of 2.5 hours of screen time with ZenFone 4th

Asus ZenFone 4 smartphone are available in versions with either 1200mAh or 1600mAh. Which variant Three selling is not clear from the product side, but the operator writes that the standby time is 190 hours and talk time of 10 hours.

The company includes a special category of power-management among the options. Asus has its own analytical tool called "Power Consumption Chart". Users can also choose from three different power saving modes - "optimized mode" is selected by default.


Asus ZenFone 4 smartphone is in our opinion an affordable little phone. We like the sleek 4-inch format, and the cell phone is good in the hand. Android has become so resource-saving and chips so fast, even the budget phones, the specifications no longer play as large practical role for ordinary users.

The interface will pass - we especially appreciate the color of the upper menus bleeds into the status bar at the top of Asus's own apps. We came usually in excess of 2.5 hours of screen time in mixed use. It is not on par with the super-hot DEVICES battery life, but it should be enough for many to cope with a day on one charge. Standby time, especially in offline mode, we feel good.

The difference between the lowest and highest price segment clarified perhaps mainly of screen quality and camera performance. Here is ZenFone 4 long after the worst ones. The speaker is also weak. Affordable Moto G costs, for example, about 80% more than ZenFone 4. Closest price-wise we find the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, which at least on paper may be lost because of the older Android version (v4.2), less RAM amount (768MB) and halved storage space (4GB). Motorola Moto E costs slightly more but also looks to be a good choice of cheap mobile.

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