Bbm not working on my displays a message "No Blackberry Data Found "?

Bbm not working on my displays a message "No Blackberry Data Found "?. Are You mam and sir has that kind of query?, If do then plz get the good tips right after this line:\r\n

Bbm not working on my displays a message "No Blackberry Data Found "


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Its a sort of internet connection failure. Having that prompt error appeared on your screen. Be sure your internet connection is stable. Reset it if necessary. Reboot your samsung galaxy note and reconnect your internet again. During the first few minutes, do not attempt to download but just browse thoroughly. Observe if the internet connection is suddenly disconnecting. If it does try to change your Internet configuration settings into new one. You can also call your internet service provider and make an inquiry with regards to the status of your connection.


First try clearing your Internet browser`s cache and data.

1. Open Settings.
2. Select Application Manager.
3. Go to All.
4. Select Internet.
5. Tap Force Stop.
6. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache.

If that did not worked I suggest you use a 3rd party browser like Chrome for Android download this and use it as you default browser.


To fix this you have to you
format your massmemmory
from your phone that this
will delete everything stored on
the memory you are formating.
then try it again,



My android phone always display annoying popups unfortunately system info stopped, unfortunately adobe air unf even a time service ,its gets enabled automatically and the browser crasher frequently.


U should restart your phone if it still not works then remove the bettery and then put in ,, it will work.


Try to Switch off your Phone at about an hour… your phone will reinstall and your problem will be gone.


You can simply go to whatsup website and download the new version from there.






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