Best of farming Villages 2016 Clash of Clans (COC)

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Best of farming Villages 2016 Clash of Clans -, Ok all Clashers, now is the new update of Clash of Clans (COC) game (version 8.67.3) and with it came time to say goodbye to the designs of farming villages with the town hall and outside the walls outside the range of your defenses. Having the hall outside your walls will not easily generate shields, and even; now the town hall also stores favorite target resources and elves, therefore, need a new design with the protected farming town hall and here we present the best farming villages of Clash of Clans in 2016.

Until today, most of the villages in Clash of Clans were farming villages with the city council placed outside the walls. This was a simple technique to avoid losing your precious resources focusing attacker at the town hall in addition to being destroyed your city hall, got treated automatically shield. This is history and as of today no longer receive a shield to be destroyed along with your city council that the city now also stores gold, pink and dark elixir elixir.

What is a farming village Clash of Clans?

"A village for farming is a village where the town hall is located in a place where it is fully exposed while stores resources are heavily guarded. By placing the council exposed way, you will achieve a large percentage of your attackers destroyed the council without even trying to steal your resources. Whenever your municipality is destroyed, you will receive a 12-hour protective shield that will protect your resources while existing or decide to end the shield to attack another village "

But from the changes made today a farming village is defined as a village designed so that buildings that store your resources (warehouses) and the town hall are strongly advocated while around the base stand buildings that do not store resources in order to destroy the attacker at least 30% of your village for 12 hours a shield.

This change in the design of farming villages clash of clans is due to changes in the Clash of Clans update released recently.

This update has been much discussed in recent months and is one of the largest updates Supercell has launched the most popular game for mobile devices today.

Some of the innovations that have attracted most attention are: the introduction of council level 11 clash of clans, a new hero named Grand Sentinel and a new defense artillery called Eagle.

But the most important changes affecting the clash of clans defense of your resources are:

The destruction of the city council no longer guarantees obtaining a shield
The municipalities now stored resources
For now shield the attacker you will need to destroy at least 30% of your village
Elves now are attracted by the city and the castle of the clan and cause double damage to another building
The percentage of resources that an attacker can steal has increased in municipalities 6-10

For all these changes now will need a new design based farming and then we present the best farming villages of Clash of Clans with the municipality within the walls.

Town hall 8.5 farming village council

farming village town hall 8.5 clash of clans

A farming village Town hall 8.5 is a village that recently came to City Hall in September but has not got a new defensive building. Some clashers decide to improve the walls and buildings they already have before buying new defensive buildings because this gives them some advantages in clan wars and when looking to attack rivals.

Town 9.5 farming village council

farming village town hall 9.5 clash-of clans

Similar to the way villages Town Hall 8.5, farming villages designs 9.5 refer to those villages where it recently climbed 10 council level.

Farming village council Town Hall 11

Coming soon 🙂

The strategy to steal resources (better known as farming) in Clash of Clans has changed forever. Therefore, the design of your farming village also must change to be prepared for new rules. Best of farming villages Clash of Clans in 2016 includes the best collection of farming bases with the town hall, stores and clan castle protected by walls and defensive buildings of the base.