Clash Royale Game Apk Updated

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Clash Royale Game Apk Updated - Indie Tech My Id, Clash Royale is updated with a number of important changes in the balance of the items. Clash Royale android game app is here, at least regionally, to show that there are formulas that work very well and especially what the multiplayer games between players. With millions of smartphones and tablets floating around the planet, the one who can find the final game to face all those players, incredible benefits apart from the great applause of hundreds of thousands of players find their game as the next Counter Strike will be, World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. In these are many companies that are even own Nintendo and Blizzard which games bet on mobile devices for years to come. One that seems to have found the right key is Supercell with Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Beach Boom and the recent Clash Royale.

Today, clash royale apk android game has been updated from the server side, Clash Royale apk with a series of updates that come with the aim of balancing the games. It is vital that a multiplayer game has a great balance, and thanks to this very thing, games like StarCraft have managed to continue played by millions of players to put items in which there is no super-powerful enemy unit and you have the feeling It is at a well-balanced confrontations in which the player passes error by not knowing play well or not knowing how to choose well your combat units. Why today we have an update Clash Royale trying to remedy the trend seen in recent days where there are players who gorge themselves on small bases of enemies to fend off most aggressive players in the attack.

Clash Royale Attack on defense

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The central design philosophy is Clash Royale "attack on defense" as they say on their new blog related to the balance and equilibrium of the game. They are the developers who prefer the gameplay of the clash royale game is based more on the attack than on defense to make it more exciting and throw some items, other than that it is best enjoyed watching them.

With this basic concept, changes to try to redirect the trend of those built bases around the castles and the great damage that is obtained in the towers when using cards Ranged as the fireball or rain of arrows. Supercell makes it clear: do not want to eliminate this type of strategy, but what they want is not as decisive as it can be quite frustrating to lose when you have the feeling that you did not have enough opportunities to win.

Modifications to the balance and equilibrium of the items

  • Spells (fireball, arrows, rocket, lightning, zap and impact Barrel Goblins): damage to the towers has been reduced by 20%

This is one of the major changes aimed at the philosophy of Clash Royale "attack on defense."

  • Tombstone lifetime has been reduced to 40 seconds instead of the previous 60

The second change related to the philosophy mentioned above; additionally, the power increase or skeletons Skeleton then you will find that will help keep the balance for this construction.

  • Inferno Tower: hit points received have been reduced by 6% and lifetime decreased to 40 seconds of the 45 initial

The third change that has to do with "attack on defense"; Hell Tower or the Tower Inferno is the strongest in the game defensive building construction and provides much versatility with a point value of elixir.

  • Musketeer or Mosquetera: damage increased by 11%

A little more damage to this unit ranged combat than it was before.

  • Golem & Golemite: Hit points received reduced by 5 percent

The ratio of use and victories is saying that the Golem is one of the most powerful units of time. This change should put on a par the rest.

  • Skeletons: (affects Tombstone, The army of skeletons, sorceress, skeletons) received their damage and damage increased by 11%

Apart from the tombstone, all those cards are being increasingly used by top players. We want to see more bones in TV Royale!

  • Sorceress: increased damage by 3%

The use of this letter is very low among the top players. More damage and increasing the damage of the skeletons become a possibility again for combat.

With all these changes in the balance of the clash royale  game, you can get an idea about what cards you now can come in handy. Upon receiving an extra skeletons, all related to them you can come in handy, so a combination thereof (including 1 point elixir) can be a very effective from today deck.

Whenever there is an important balance in the game I'll bring along these lines. If you want to download Clash Royale stop by this post where you can get the Clash Royale APK.

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