Delete officials spam applications in the notification bar with AirPush Detector

There has recently been a new trend on Android: Some android applications ship with it AirPush a system that allows them to send advertising on our notifications bar. An example of spam Airpush is mobomarket app that automatically downloaded.

A solution to detect those responsible android applications of these clutter is to install AirPush Detector. Once launched, the app will give you the list of culprits.

download airpush detector apk free

Arf, to my dismay, the excellent Mobo Pro contains one of these spams, too bad, I uninstalled and I will find another alternative! To uninstall an application need only click on it.

Unfortunately, the removal of the application is the only solution, but guarantee that sanctioning these applications by uninstalling, developers will stop this type of pub.

Download Airpush Detector apk from Google Play store for Free Here.