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AIIA KR v1.0.1062 Mod Apk - Hallo om dan tante semua, Thanks dah mau datang ke halaman blog indie tech ini. Siang ini, kami di indie tech mau share info yang menunjukkan pada anda tentang AIIA KR v1.0.1062 Mod Apk. Kami persilakan om dan tante lihat berikut ini:\r\n

AIIA KR v1.0.1062 Mod Apk

◆ ◆ Features of the game

▶ tot actions in Action
When meeting a new mobile graphics and more!
Use the most powerful new graphics engine
Delicate and colorful graphics of high quality

▶ Respond to the call of the Armadillo, Pet (Arma) system!
Grow with the character and the Armadillo used to attack and skills!
Armadillo offers pretty and lovely to everyone

▶ in-game express individuality, costume equipment!
Costumes by equipment that can customize the look of the character
Unlike the others, my own distinctive character rendering!

▶ automatic combat system
Proceed with a nice battle by means of the automatic combat system

▶ PVP battle
PVP battle that could test the ability of strong character within
Show off power to other users and fat reward chaenggija!

▶ Raid Battle
Other users with powerful boss monsters together to remove the power
Remove obtain special equipment!

▶ gem mining
Required materials for the jewelry item upgrades!

▶ Tower of Time
Special compensation provided to ground 100 floors each floor!
Catch the compensation of Infinity Challenge Mode Ranking of the underground plaza!

The request follows the same rights as a child you know.

[Restrictions instructions;

– it has been receiving information on Google Plus account to register and log in the game.


Mod Features :
1- 1 HIT
2- God Mod
3- Instant Win ( Might not work on some battle modes) press back button on your device to activate

– Install the mod
– Enjoy


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