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AMIDuOS Crack 2.0 64bit Review: What Is New With The Latest Release? (Free Download Links)

Android Operating System marks the success of Google. This success is evident by the fact that smartphones using Android operating system are used by majority of the people all over the world. Windows phones (Lumia) have also been released but people mostly find a way to use Android applications on Windows operating systems as well. This is why we think that it is important to review the best application in this regard. AMIDuOS™ 2.0.6 Pro is the latest release of AMIDuOS series. The new version comes with a number of amazing features.

AMIDuOS Crack 2.0 64bit and 32bit Full Free Download

Exclusive Features of AMIDuOS Crack 2.0 64bit and 32bit

  • The latest version comes with improved reboot setting during the optimization of Play Store Applications.
  • This version does not create problem of Booting Error in the case of Auto Rotate Activated.
  • In earlier versions, camera did not work properly when operating system was at Sleep Mode. This error has also been fixed in the new version.

All other minor and major issues have been resolved successfully by the programmers. This latest version offers a high quality Android environment and you do not need Dual Boot in the case of AMIDuOS™ 2.0.6 Pro. Simply click to switch between Windows and Android environment and enjoy all Google Play Store Applications just as you enjoy on Smartphones.

Improved Gaming Experience

There are scores of games on Google Play Store which are not available with Windows App Store. AMIDuOS™ 2.0.6 Pro features the latest 3D accelerator. This technology enhances the gaming performance on Windows operating system. You can enjoy better graphics and improved gaming speed by using AMIDuOS™ 2.0.6 Pro on you computers, laptops and tablets.

Peripheral Support

AMIDuOS™ 2.0.6 Pro supports different peripheral devices connected to Windows hardware. It supports webcam, microphone and speakers connected to the system.



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