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Xiaomi uses customized Android interface that’s applied on the latest products. To increase the capability and productivity, the company develops app called MIUI Always-on display. Usually, the screen or display will be off when you lock it. Unless you hit the button or unlock display, the screen does not show any light. On the other hand, MIUI Always-on display app for Android makes sure you have interesting interface, although the phone is locked. With this app, the display will have various themes, such as animated watch, calendar, and your own text. In general, this app has one purpose: to ensure the display is always ready. The company makes this app more reliable with new features that are available in the new version.

MIUI Always-on display File Information

Developer: Xiaomi Inc.

Version: RELEASE-2.2.519-07161823 (20200519)

File size: 29.6 MB

Uploaded: July 27, 2020 at 9:38AM GMT+07

Requirement: Android 9.0 and up

MD5: 152ea72a5182a8b6d7c0c1dd7b3dab5d

SHA1: eb9b3e070df928ca19e5867b26710fb3eaa1d519

Download MIUI Always-on display APK RELEASE-2.2.519-07161823

MIUI Always-on display APK vRELEASE-2.2.519-07161823

MIUI Always-on display review

This app only works on smartphones with Amoled display, not LCD. Amoled is preferable because of less battery consumption. In general, you can keep the light and display, but with tiny portion of power. On contrary, LCD has an issue for managing power level. When the phone is off, the display is completely out of power. That’s why only few models have this app in their display setting.

Xiaomi updates the features and capability to ensure MIUI Always-on display app is more reliable, especially when you need many settings to be ready on the display every time. Keep in mind MIUI Always-on display app for Android is integrated with the phone. MIUI is the system that only works on Xiaomi phones.

The main features are ambient setting and additional features that you put on the display while the screen is off. In normal phone, you can add the time, calendar, weather, and other widgets. However, you must press the power button to activate the display. In addition, this app makes the display is always in the standby mode as if you reduce the brightness into the dark. With this app, the main display will awake to be ready anytime.


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