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Train Your Brain - Pa kabar bapak dan ini semua, Selamat datang di halaman blog indie tech ini. Sekarang, kami di indie tech akan berbagi info yang menampilkan tentang Train Your Brain. Kami persilakan bapak dan ini cek di bawah ini:\r\n

These small games will help you to improve concentration of attention, focus thoughts on a specific item, pay more attention to detail, train spatial thinking and improve your mental skills at all. Train your brain and improve your cognitive skill with us!

For now application contains 7 brain training games:
'Colors' – improve focus speed and attentiveness.
'Numbers' – improve attentiveness and memory.
'Anagrams' – improve focus speed and attentiveness.
'Fly' – improve focus and train attentiveness.
'Rotation' – train spatial thinking.
'Rotation+' – train spatial thinking and improve memory.
'Schulte Table' train speed reading, peripheral vision, attention and visual perception

Other games will be added soon.

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