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Hidden Objects: Twilight Town - Apa kabar Agan semua, Terima Kasih sudah berkunjung ke blog ini. Di hari yang cerah ini, kita di akan share saran yang menampilkan tentang Hidden Objects: Twilight Town Android App. Silahkan Agan baca Android App nya berikut ini, oya jangan lupa Agan dapat Download Hidden Objects: Twilight Town Android App sebelum paragraf terakhir artikel ini :

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town l Version: 1.5.40 | Size: 83.93MB
 Developers: Absolutist Games | Language: English

This adventure will turn your world upside down. Delve up the darkest secrets of the mystical city and discover a stunning mix of hidden objects and city building games.
The last in your line, you have been summoned to Twilight Town to become the Judge of the Others. It’s up to you to investigate the mysterious death or your predecessor. Constantine was down on something, but was removed from the board before exposing the culprit. As you look into the entanglement of clues, you soon learn there’s more to this town than meets the eye.
Everyone seems to have double life, and you’d better trust no one playing Hidden Objects: Twilight Town, a mystery adventure quest. The time has come to unravel the web of intrigues, choose your side in the eternal war between vampires and werewolves and protect people from the evil. The Others need their Judge!
* Display your city building strategy skills
* Delve up the mystery adventure quest
* Explore richly detailed hidden object scenes
* Complete 100 magic collections
* Fight the evil with might and magic
* Run your own detective investigation to track down the villain
* Manage goods supply, care about the citizens and improve your reputation
* Meet a colorful cast of characters, each in two guises
* Solve clever word puzzles
* Earn coins in Match 3 mini-game
* Win artifacts and cash in a spooky casino
The fate of the Twilight Town uncertain untill you stop the villains before they unleash powerful forces that will destroy the mystical city.
This unique detective quest combines the features of a city builder and finding games. That implies solving ordinary time management problems: taking care of cargoes, shipping and production in the town, keeping the citizens entertained and happy with their scale of living… and protect them from wicked sorcerers, bloodthirsty vampires and vicious werewolves. However, you won’t be able to display your strategy talents and build up your town unless you make a fortune. Explore beautifully drawn and richly colored hidden object scenes and display your Match 3 skills to earn some cash. Like gambling? Visit our casino try your luck at the roulette table and Wheel of Fortune, or just play slots. Solve word puzzles to learn the history of Twilight Town, find enchanted collectibles, and proceed through mystery adventure quest!
Don’t forget that Twilight Town is the cradle of the powerful creatures, so be ready for constant scheming, natural disasters and secret affairs. A handsome guy from the pub over the corner could very well be a werewolf, an emotional actress threatens to get the world frozen because of a broken heart, and dark rumours about ancient ruins and a misty mountain in the uptown spread along. So, watch you back, and search for the clues in 19 seek-and-find locations. Run your own crime investigations and restore law and order in your new estate.
Hidden Objects: Twilight Town is a rare find for all mystery games fans as it puts a hidden object adventure in the eerie setting, featuring outwardly creatures and ancient mysteries.
Hidden Objects: Twilight Town
Hidden Objects: Twilight Town
Hidden Objects: Twilight Town

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