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When it comes to smart devices, there will be times when you find the need to root them. Rooting devices is done for all sorts of purposes. One might mainly attempt to throw away the bloatware that usually comes with new devices. Other might want to make the battery last longer. The rest might be for making the device works lighter and faster. Either way, how you do the rooting remains the same. However, if you want the more convenient way, there is the Magisk Manager latest APK 6.0.0 (147).

Magisk Manager File Information

Developer: topjohnwu
Version: 6.0.0 (147)
File size: 1.9 MB
Uploaded: October 16, 2018 at 11:11AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 5.0 and up
MD5: de811736bc536e32be4398ac377f9f57
SHA1: 412c72712c8896de00082b9be2973cdbd9de502c

Download Magisk Manager APK 6.0.0

Magisk Manager APK v6.0.0

Magisk Manager review

As you might have known, it is a must for you to modify the directory or the system if you want to do the rooting. However, things have changed with the coming of Android Marshmallow. You don’t always have to do the rooting that way. As alternative, you can actually use the so-called mod. This app we are talking about here is one. With it, you can just install it right away without having any modifications to do. It should save us so much time this way here. The rooting will succeed for sure.

Not all people feel comfortable with the new alternative. Despite how convenient it might look, sometimes people prefer the method they used to go by. You don’t have to worry though. Magisk Manager for Android is convenient app to work with in this case too.

Why? It is because we can go back to the original root whenever we want. Not to mention, it is done automatically so you won’t have any complicated things to do here. There is permission to active root after all. It sure is handy.


  • Update to latest AndroidX support library
  • Fix crashes when online repos contain incomplete metadata
  • Optimize BootSigner to use as little memory as possible, prevent OutOfMemoryError
  • Support new communication scheme between Magisk v17.2 and Magisk Manager
  • Enable excessive obfuscation to prevent APK analysis root detections (still not 100% obfuscated due to backwards compatibility with stable channel)

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