Download Minimo Town Apk Game – Build a city and teaches English words

In this Minimo Town Apk android Game you get to build their English vocabulary in a fun way. The game objective is to build up their own city. But to get the things you need to have to learn what things is called in English. During the game you can unlock new buildings, decorations and residents.

In Minimo Town you build a city by placing buildings, roads, trees and decorations. Figures living in the city asking for different things they want, such as animals or clothing. For them to get what they want, you need to spell the word in English.

Apart from the usual residents, there are also four different monsters - whoopee monster thief monster, cauldron monster and slime monster. They complicate it in the city, such as adding slime monster out mucus everywhere that need to be cleared away. To clean the need to spell the word "clean" and can then vacuuming up a number of mucus boxes.

Download Minimo Town Apk Game

Overall, the Minimo Town android game contains 150 English words that players learn how to spell. These are basic words like clothing, colors and animals. It thus fits best with children who are early in their English learning. By the words repeated many times that it becomes easier for the child to remember the word and spelling. The downside is that it can get a bit tedious with many repetitions, even if this is done in a game-oriented approach.

There are four worlds that man can gradually discover during the game when expanding their city. Gradually, as you progress through the game unlocks new buildings and decorations as well as get more citizens.

I have let my eight-year-old to play this Minimo Town app game and feel that the vocabulary was expanded. The game, however, is relatively quiet in its structure and felt by my child as a bit of tenacious team, the experience I believe, however, depends on the personality of the player. For children with much patience and are not susceptible to recurrences, but please pysslar with his little town and its inhabitants think that the game can be more appreciated.

To strengthen learning of words and make the game accessible to children, there is a picture of what you want to spell, the word is pronounced, and the letters to choose is called by name, and is voiced. In the beginning you can see the outline of the letter to be fit in a word, but when you get a little further, it is instead only an empty bar in which to place the correct letter. Nothing happens if the wrong letter, but if you choose the correct letter to get a few coins and the figure gets what it wanted. The design feels educational and easy to understand.

Chart can save up to three different cities on the same device. There is no advertising or purchase inside the app. There is a parental side hidden behind the child lock, which among other things can select the menu language, reset the worlds and register for the newsletter. There is an option in the game to visit friends' towns, this option can be turned off on the parent page. The speech and the words spelled in English, while the menus are Swedish text (or another language you have set).

Overall it is a simple and educational app with Minimo Town apk android game play in which children can learn simple English words. I recommend it for ages 6-9 years and provide it a four rating.

The Minimo Town app is available in a free version here for those who want to try before purchase the paid version here. Even for Android.