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Mirror (Zoom & Brightness) - Pa kabar ibu dan bapak semua, Thanks dah mau datang ke halaman blog indie tech ini. Siang ini, saya di indie tech mau sharing info yang mengulas Mirror (Zoom & Brightness) App. Ayo ibu dan bapak cek App nya di bawah ini, oya jangan lewatkan ibu dan bapak bisa Download Mirror (Zoom & Brightness) App dengan cara klik aja tombol download :

Do you need to check your look fast, but you don’t have a mirror. In this case, do you use camera apps?
The best solution is Mirror in your phone. Mirror could be launched very fast. And have powerful features but easy to use. Try it now!
If you are disappointed in the other mirror apps, you have to try this Mirror. You will be never disappointed.
Check it with your eyes,
. Zoom and Exposure controls
. Bright and clean image
. Button to pause the motion
. Backlight support under dark background
. Simple UI for easy to use

Offered By : BariLab


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