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Download Pango Blocks Android Game App Apk - Insert building blocks in the right place and build roads, Pango Blocks is a problem-solving android app where you have to help the raccoon Pango to put different types of building blocks in the right places so that the roads are passable. There are two difficulty levels.

In Pango Blocks android game apk can be re-acquainted with the little raccoon Pango and his friends. This time, Pango help their friends in five cases; in landfills, in the kitchen, in the construction of a space rocket, to paint a painting and in the gym. In every situation, you put together the building blocks for a way so as to achieve different things. In every situation it is nine roads to be built and when taking all things locked a movie clip up and then passed it on to the next situation.

When you launch the android game app for the first time get to choose whether you want to have easy or difficult challenges. You can create up to five different gaming profiles if there are several children sharing the unit.

Whatever the choice of difficulty, you always get a few simple challenges to begin with, in order to understand how the game works. The building blocks are in limited supply and the various forms that you have access to are visible in the lower part of the screen. The game is so forgiving that even a child who is so careful in their movements can safely place the building blocks without having to press exactly right.

download pango blocks android game app apk

My kids like Pango and the previous android games from the same manufacturer's beloved favorites that still played occasionally. Pango Blocks became a welcome return, and the app quickly became popular thanks to the tricky paths. Three-year-can not cope with so many courses on their own but my seven year old had the will and desire to get through all the tracks on the easy level. The more difficult courses were too difficult. Unfortunately, it attracts not play if the light level again and with us is the sustainability of the app therefore not been so long. This pulls down the grade part. Until that passed by Pango Blocks is a nice app and we greatly appreciate that sometimes there are several possible solutions, and the app does not contain any stressful moments. It is also sympathetic that it is not something bad happens if you make a mistake, Pango just stop and refuse to go further.

What created the most frustration for us is that it was too easy to accidentally play movie sequences in the different situations.

Pango Blocks contain either text or speech. The only sounds are the cheerful background music and Pangos sound. The app contains advertising for the developer's own apps. It is free from third-party advertising and in-app purchase.

I recommend Pango Blocks for children between 4 and 9 years. Rent of difficulty in terms of the app may also suit older children than that, but I think this may be experienced as a bit childish in its conception. Pango Blocks a fun, albeit not very long-lived game. It will have a strong 3rd in rating us.

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