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Download Periscope Android App - IndieTech, After times of speculation and anticipation finally launches Twitter super popular video live streaming app Periscope android app to all Android users. You completely missed Periscope should look at the service that has become a bestseller.

Twitter has released information that Periscope, which allows users to stream and edit live video on the social network, will be available on Google Play.

Periscope apk debut Android is now less than six months after its launch, and barely a month after rival meerkat appeared on Android.

Periscope android apk app has been a great success on Twitter since its debut on iOS but the Meerkat has flåsat them in the neck. The social network comment to Periscope had more than 1 million users in the first 10 days.

Periscope new android app for Android comes with comparable features as its iOS counterpart, so that users can post a tweet with a link to their video with elections every man vil share.

periscope android app

The Periscope app will also give Android users more control of their tweets, as when a successor is watching or parts of a consignment or if she / he is followed by another. You will also be able to see when Android users leave a shipment to reply to a text message, they will get a message inviting them back to the broadcast they looked at before they were interrupted.

Download Periscope Apk from Android Google Play Store Here.