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FlashFXP 5.4.0 Build 3939 – 35% OFF - Pa kabar sista dan agan semua, Terima Kasih sudah berkunjung ke blog ini. Pagi ini, kami di akan menampilkan info yang menjelaskan tentang FlashFXP 5.4.0 Build 3939 – 35% OFF. Kami persilakan sista dan agan cek setelah ini:

FlashFXP 5 is a powerful and popular FTP and FXP Client loaded with features for the power user. It has an intuitive and full featured user interface, allowing you to do all the common tasks with just a few clicks.

FlashFXP 5 also support full “drag and drop”, so you can transfer files, synchronize folders, find files and schedule tasks with just one click.

Using the FTP protocol, you can transfer files from remote servers to your computer, or even to another remote server.

FlashFXP makes it easy to update your Web site, download files from the company server, or even download files from the internet that always seem to fail using your Web browser.

FlashFXP allows you to transfer files between two sites (FXP), resume incomplete downloads, synchronize directories, schedule multiple tasks, and more. Available in over 20 languages.

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Use FlashFXP to publish and maintain your website, Upload and download documents, photos, videos, music and more, Share your files with your friends and co-workers, or even use it to download other shareware!

FlashFXP Features :


  • Fully tested and supports gigabit speeds (including Jumbo Frames)
  • MODE Z support for on-the-fly streaming compression.
  • Support for FEAT and “stat -l” fast directory listing reduces overhead and improves compatibilty.
  • Download and upload speed limiting. Save some of your bandwidth for browsing the web.
  • Advanced Skip list.
  • Optional caching of remote directory lists.


  • Includes OpenSSL Libraries.
  • Automatic support for One Time Password (OTP) S/KEY.
  • Strong encryption (Blowfish) can be applied to the site manager to protect your information.
  • Connect to sites using SSL/TLS encryption for added security, including the use of client certs.
  • SSL Site-to-Site (SSCN) Transfers.
  • Clear Command Channel (CCC).


  • Site to Site (FXP) Transfers.
  • Fully recursive file transferring (uploading, downloading, site to site).
  • Caching allows for offline browsing, queueing.
  • Firewall support, allowing you to define a set range of local ports, or bind to a specific IP.
  • FTP Proxy, HTTP Proxy, Socks 4, 5 support. (WinGate, WinProxy, MS Proxy, etc).
  • Internal ident server.
  • Per Site Connectivity modes support.
  • PRET support for distributed FTP servers.


  • Full Multi-language support.
  • Simple (FTP-Only) and Advanced (FXP) views.
  • Advanced queue control.
  • Transfer Graph (only ftp transfer speeds can be graphed).
  • Multi-Proxy Server Manager.
  • Synchronized browsing allows webmasters to keep local and remote directly listings in synch while browsing.
  • Internal Schedule (Transfer or Stop a queue at a specific time).
  • Enhanced drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Import site listings from Cute FTP, WS_FTP, FTP Explorer, LeapFTP, and Bullet Proof. Including passwords!.
  • Optional displaying of Owner/Groups/Attrib.
  • Site Stats, keeps track of your uploads/downloads and overall totals.
  • Minimizes to system tray.
  • List hidden files.
  • Folder Bookmarks to provide one click access to any folder.
  • Quick backup/restore of all sites/settings.
  • Internal text editor for quick edits.

Advanced Options

  • Extensive command line options for scripting/scheduling.
  • Remote FTP file search.
  • Custom file highlighting; display file masks in user defined colors.
  • Calculate the size of all files in a specified path.
  • Grouped SITE custom commands.
  • Priority transfer list.
  • Time Zone setting for Site Manager.
  • Selective Transfer feature (transfer only images or just php files).

Changes in FlashFXP @ 2016-06-26:

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BUY NOW FlashFXP 5 (Personal License) – 35% Discount

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