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Real Drum – The Best Drum Pads Simulator latest APK 7.13 (87) is an excellent game app for those who love to play drum. This game app gives you an incredible new experience at playing drum. It comes with perfect design, looking like the real drum. You will feel like in a studio when you are playing it. Moreover, it even results very clear sound, so it is really ideal for those who need to practice or play drumming without taking up space or making noise. In addition, it is also very easy to play. Once you “tap” the screen, the sound of instrument will be played simultaneously.

Real Drum – The Best Drum Pads Simulator File Information

Developer: Kolb Apps
Version: 7.13 (87)
File size: 15.5 MB
Uploaded: May 16, 2018 at 9:37AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0 and up
MD5: 8ccc8586da625aa93e9b99e4ce0fae04
SHA1: 33eb3a981745f04763ad83d7168d2b6e7cdc1f95

Download Real Drum – The Best Drum Pads Simulator APK 7.13

Real Drum – The Best Drum Pads Simulator APK v7.13

Real Drum – The Best Drum Pads Simulator review

Real Drum – The Best Drum Pads Simulator for Android is a free game app that perfectly simulates a real drum on your Android device. It is made for professional musicians, percussionists, drummers, amateurs, or even beginners. It is very easy to play. All you need to do is just drumming on pads of the drums using your fingers. Then, the sound is played synchronously. It is very light, easy, and fun to use and play.

To play this app, players don’t have to know how to drum. This game comes with 60 lessons rhythms. It doesn’t stop here. There is also available tutorial for those who learn to play. It also comes with more than 30 songs to play along and track songs live. You can simply play music from library and follow it with drums. This app also provides some acoustic percussion samples. It lets you to change your battery sound by changing or adding percussion instruments. Furthermore, you can also change the pad arrangements as it has provided various additional instruments you may need.

Besides 60 samples of rhythms, it also provides more useful features such as good quality studio audio, 13 drum pads, acoustic drum kit in complete set, record mode, and tens backing track songs. It also works with all ranges of screen resolution for cell phone and tablet. Now, let’s conclude the pros and cons of this application.


  • It is easy to play.
  • It has plenty of features.
  • It provides very clear sound instrument.
  • This app is free downloaded.

How to Play the Game

Just arrange the drum layout. It would be better to place open HH and close HH on the left side and floor on the right side. Use this layout to make a better setting that is almost similar to real drum. Use default setting for composition. To start learning drum music, choose play icon. Then, choose lessons menu because this menu will guide you each part of drum you should tap.

Listen to the rhythm then follow the red marks appear as your guidance. In this part, you can also learn types of music like hip-hop, heavy metal, pop, and country. Star from the easiest level with least star. As more the stars, it get more difficult. Of course, playing this game will not make you become expert at drumming but immediately it is really helpful to support learning drum.


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