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Timenauts - Pa kabar ibu dan bapak semua, Met Datang di situs Indietech ini. Malam ini, kami di Indietech mau memberikan ulasan yang mengulas Timenauts Apk. Sebaiknya ibu dan bapak cek Apk nya dibawah ini, oya jangan lupa ibu dan bapak dapat Free Timenauts Apk di bagian bawah deskripsi aplikasinya :


Timenauts l Version: 1.6.0 | Size: 54.12MB Developers: DeNA Corp. | Language: English

Welcome to the hilariously addictive, real-time tower assault adventure, Timenauts. Featuring the world-renowned comedian and actor, GABRIEL ‘FLUFFY’ IGLESIAS! Get in now for your chance to bring FLUFFY along on your journey.
Timenauts transports you on a quest to save time as we know it. Beware as your adventure will be fraught with danger, discourse and dilemma – all while facing enemies from a myriad of eras!
In order to reign supreme, you must protect your Vessel and lead a team of Timenauts to destroy opponents in battle. Blend together the perfect combination of Vessel and Timenauts to create an unstoppable force – one right or wrong decision will lead to a definitive victory or certain defeat.
The fun doesn’t stop there! Step into the PvP arena with your squad of Timenauts and prepare to clash against friends and players around the globe.
So, what are you waiting for? Devise your battle plan, assemble your Timenauts, and enlist your most powerful vessel. The fate of the past, present, and future lies in your hands!
Key Features:
● Battle Through Time! – Embark on a quest to save time and battle in iconic eras such as the Wild West, Dark Ages, and even the distant future!
● Collect and Upgrade Timenauts – Unlock hilariously awesome characters and amass a formidable squad that can be upgraded to an unbeatable force.
● Unleash Time Vessel Powers – Choose and upgrade vessels wisely. Their special abilities have the power to turn the tide of battle in your favor at the press of a button!
● Rise to the Top – Take part in exciting PvP battles against friends and foes from around the globe.
● Connect with Friends – Best your friends by finishing atop the leaderboards to receive rare rewards.
Recommended Devices
Galaxy S4 and later

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