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If you are always concerned that your kids may access inappropriate video contents, you may want to think about installing YouTube Kids latest APK 3.50.5 (95005130). These days, it is impossible for parents to make their kids stay away from electronic devices and gadgets. The only thing that parents can do is to make sure that they monitor the kids and how to limit their access to the online programs and contents. With this specialized program for kids, you don’t have to worry so much about your kids and whether they are going to access the ‘dangerous’ contents.

YouTube Kids File Information

Developer: Google LLC
Version: 3.50.5 (95005130)
File size: 56.5 MB
Uploaded: October 3, 2018 at 9:46AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
MD5: 65900f3d54b0c9932d2d4a13dd5a8f6b
SHA1: 1e21b606b55abbea7ca42aac5b9215db359b283d

Download YouTube Kids APK 3.50.5

YouTube Kids APK v3.50.5

YouTube Kids review

Most parents are worried about their kids accessing inappropriate contents, including the ones supporting and promoting hedonic lifestyles. If you are a parent, you know that online contents these days aren’t really concern-free. Not only you will have to deal with videos portraying harsh languages and violence, you will also have to deal with contents promoting ads – targeting at kids – because they are basically sitting ducks that won’t realize that they are being the target.

Parents today need to realize that there are basically a lot of dangerous contents and materials within the TV programs. Aside from the fact that it lacks of educational content and value, most of the materials contain consumerism promoting unhealthy foods and hedonic lifestyle, etc. Not to mention that they also contain abusive and harsh languages with great extent of violence. Of course, you probably think that you can always monitor them but the truth is you can’t monitor them 24/7. After all, watching them like an eagle will only make things worse as they will definitely try to trick you and find a way around you.

That’s why this YouTube Kids for Android is created. As the name suggests, the app is designed for kids with contents that are hoped to be better than before. Since it is a kid friendly app, it is expected to be free from negative contents. The contents for this app are designed for improved educational value. The features are quite handy with parental main control and customized account for each kid.


  • It is free
  • The contents are considered ‘less harmful or dangerous’ than the regular videos that may contain nudity, profanity, and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • The app comes with handy features, such as parents control feature or each account for the kids, to make everything easy to control, as well as user friendly for everyone.


  • The filtering feature isn’t 100% working well as you can still find contents with unhealthy lifestyle or foods with some harsh languages, although not as bad as the original app

How to Use the App

It is just the same as the original YouTube. You only need to download and install it, and open it to access the contents. Since it is targeted for kids, you should be able to find all the kids-related-contents such as kid’s songs or videos, including tutorials and tips.


  • Introducing kid profiles and a new colorful and exciting look for all kids.

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