Gratis CyberLink AudioDirector 6.0.5902.0 – 15% OFF

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CyberLink AudioDirector 6.0.5902.0 – 15% OFF - Apa khabar om dan tante semua, Selamat datang di web ini. Siang ini, kita di mau menampilkan tips yang mengulas CyberLink AudioDirector 6.0.5902.0 – 15% OFF. Kami persilakan om dan tante lihat di bawah ini:

CyberLink AudioDirector 6CyberLink AudioDirector 6 is a professional application designed for audio editing, mixing, restoration and mastering for your video soundtrack, sound effects, and even dialogue. Powerful editing and mixing tools combine with state-of-the-art restoration technologies and round-trip interoperability with CyberLink PowerDirector 6 to dramatically enrich the audio experience, cut down on video editing time and bring enjoyment to the creative process. CyberLink AudioDirector 6 features powerful audio enhancement tools to add sparkle to your music and sound. Quickly enhance audio with high quality Reverb, EQ control, and more.

New Year Sale until December 31, 2015

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CyberLink AudioDirector 6 allows you to use various selection tools to visually and precisely extract and heal specific sounds. Create your own soundtracks using multitrack recording and use mixing tools to enrich the audio experience, automatically remove noises and restore audio to a pristine condition with state-of-the-art iZotope technologies.

CyberLink AudioDirector 6 works flawlessly with CyberLink PowerDirector, providing effortless round-trip editing. With round-trip editing there is no need to export your modified sound tracks and then re-import them your into your video project.

• NEW! Automated Dialogue Alignment. Automated dialogue replacement helps you to seamlessly align post-recorded audio to your video.
Support for H.265 Standard. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) offers up to double the data compression ratio of H.264 at the same level of video quality. You can now also import and edit HEVC (H.265) video in MP4 and MKV file formats.
Synchronize Audio and Effects. Synchronize voice-overs or audio effects to specific video frames using a visually-referenced editing tool that also allows corrections to AV sync issues caused by equipment.
Popular Video Format Support. Import a wide range of video formats, including AVI, DivX, DV-AVI, DVR-MS, HD MPEG-2, M2T, MKV, MOD, MOV, MOV, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, and WMV-HD. Utra HD 2K and 4K resolution is also supported.
CyberLink Cloud Services. With CyberLink Cloud, you get fast and convenient uploading, dowloading, and sharing of your media creations.

CyberLink AudioDirector 6 allows you to choose between waveform and frequency spectrum visual interfaces. In spectrum view, audio imperfections can be easily identified and fixed using Visual Repair.

Full range of Restoration Adjustment Tools:
• Noise Reduction – Clears unwanted static and background noise
• Declip – Removes distortion caused by clipping at the top or bottom of the waveform
• Declick – Clears track of clicks, pops and crackles, which may often exist in old recordings
• Hiss Removal – Eliminates hissing sounds often caused by microphones, cables or amplifiers
• Hum Removal – Gets rid of low frequency audio artifacts

CyberLink AudioDirector 6 contains 11 popular effects to instantly enrich audio with fine and granular controls.
• NEW! Switch Timebase to Beats Per Minute (BPM). Edit your audio as if it were sheet music with a customizable Beats Per Minute visual editor view. Enter the tempo of a song directly, or use the Determine Tempo to automatically calculate the beats per minute.
FREE! Save Sounds with AudioClipper. The AudioClipper iPhone App can be used to capture sound and voice clips on your iPhone to use in audio and video projects.
Vocal Transformer. It lets you alter existing vocals into the voice personality of your choice. Choose from five existing presets such as man, woman, child, etc., or create your own customized voice.
Download from DirectorZone. DirectorZone offers a huge array of free sound clips for you to browse and download. Quickly and easily find the ideal clip for integration with your audio tracks.