Gratis Droid Keeper 2.0 Pro v1.0.1468 APK Download [Latest]

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Droid Keeper 2.0 Pro v1.0.1468 APK Download [Latest] - Halo tante dan om semua, Terima Kasih sudah berkunjung ke website ini. Kali ini, kita di akan menampilkan tips yang menampilkan tentang Droid Keeper 2.0 Pro v1.0.1468 APK Download [Latest]. Ini dia tante dan om baca berikut ini:

Droid Keeper 2.0 Pro Apk

Droid Keeper 2.0 Pro v1.0.1468 APK Download [Latest]

Just a few taps, and the phone for temporary files and cache will explore, optimize memory, uninstall unnecessary applications, delete old files, applications and protect your photos from unauthorized access, and more. This will significantly improve the user experience. For example, you will notice that now the phone does not freeze when listening to music or playing games.

Guardian Droid: Benefits

Cleaning Fast Cache

Get rid of cache files that are not needed on the phone.

Increase performance

Improve the performance of your phone by detecting applications running in the background.

Long battery life
Extend the life of the battery by using any of the modes of energy saving custom or pre-configured.

LOT uninstall APPS

Uninstall unused applications, widgets and preferences, with a few taps.


Protect your applications and pictures of unauthorized access.

Key Features:-

Cleanup Memory: Improve the performance of your Android at least 50%.
Advanced Scrap free up space on your phone by removing traces of previously uninstalled applications.
Uninstall Application: Accelerate your device by removing all applications that are no longer needed.
Game Booster: Make your experience smoother to accelerate their applications play games.
Large old files: Disk Cleanup to find and delete files that are no longer used.
Applications battery consumption: Detect applications that consume most of your phone battery.
Power Mode: Choose from a set of ways of saving pre-configured or create your own way that suits their energy needs.
Magic Stopper: Save battery life of your phone to stop all applications running in the background.
AppLocker: Protect your personal information by blocking all major applications.
Hider photo: Protect your personal photos in a safe and comfortable way.
Auto Start Applications: Managing applications that start at boot.

What’s in this version

Major update of the “Magic plug” function to prolong battery life
Updating the “big old files” feature
Additional enhancements:
Bugfix and improved stability

How to install ?

Save the downloaded .apk on Android phone’s SD card
Run and install
That’s it, Enjoy!………

Screen Shots:-


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