Gratis Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 (MR1) Beta

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Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 (MR1) Beta - Halo ibu dan bapak semua, Selamat datang di website ini. Di hari yang cerah ini, kita di mau share info tentang Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 (MR1) Beta. Kami persilakan ibu dan bapak cek dibawah ini:

Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 is an antivirus protection software, that effectivelly defenses your PC from malware. By combining cloud based functionality and powerful security technologies that run on your PC, Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 delivers essential security against today’s threats. The cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network gathers data from millions of participating users’ systems around the world… to help defend you from the very latest viruses and malware attacks. Potential threats are monitored and analysed – in real-time – and dangerous actions are completely blocked before they can cause any harm. Advanced anti-phishing technologies proactively detect fraudulent URLs and use real-time information from the cloud, to help ensure you’re not tricked into disclosing your valuable data to phishing websites.

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The URL Advisor also adds colour coded tags to all web links – to advise you of the danger level of the link and subsequent pages.

If your PC has application or system vulnerabilities that haven’t been updated with the latest fixes, cyber criminals and malware could gain entry. In addition to scanning for vulnerabilities, Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 analyses and controls the actions of programs that have vulnerabilities – so they can’t cause any harm.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016 includes:
• Anti-Spyware
• Anti-rootkit
• Automatic Exploit Prevention
• URL Advisor
• Anti-Screen-Locker
• Instant Safety Checks
• Security Optimized for Performance
• System Watcher and Rollback
Gamer Mode
• FREE, Automatic Updates
• Technical Support

Real-time protection against computer viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, and more
The backbone of your PC’s antivirus security system, it works behind-the-scenes with intelligent scanning and small, frequent updates, while delivering real-time, cloud-enabled protection from the latest threats.

Ensures the applications on your PC are safe
Goes beyond simply scanning for vulnerabilities to include now analyzing and controlling the actions of programs and applications with vulnerabilities, so they can’t cause any harm.

Dangerous Website Alerts
Advises you of the safety of search result links, and blocks malicious and phishing websites.

Rapid reaction to new and emerging threats
When suspicious or unrecognizable data is encountered, it’s automatically analyzed by our lab, and real-time, protective updates are issued to all of users, giving you the ultimate protection as new threats emerge.

Optimized PC Performance
Works behind-the-scenes to provide maximum, hassle-free protection without slowing down your PC.

Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 Release Notes:

Homepage –

Size: 90.3 MB

Download Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 (MR1) Beta [en] Trial

Download Kaspersky AntiVirus 2016 [en] Trial

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