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LIKE 1.4.0 - Apa khabar om dan tante semua, Makasih banyak sudah mau datang di blog ini. Sekarang, kita di akan menampilkan tips yang akan menunjukkan tentang LIKE 1.4.0. Ayo om dan tante lihat dibawah ini:\r\n

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The most clear k-pop fan guide

MY LIKE, how to care for my love most specially!
New albums and content, official account news,
Up to version music and audio streaming list,
With LIKE you don't have to find anything hard.

If one keyword, the search results showing the desired results!
Here's voting and ticketing schedules you can easily forget.
In various contents, grab only the information you want.
Search and find with integrated search feature and check out the schedules that are easy to miss in LIKE!

Show newly released albums!
From the irregular album to the soundcloud.
Check it easily without confusion.

It is full of various contents that activities videos and entertainment, behind scenes, etc.
All contents is linked to their respective sources, You can also check easily by album!

Twitter, Weibo, and other feed sources coming up all the time.
You can check up to two artists you love in real time.
Also, if you bored with artist feeds, the news from their agencies are also prepared by LIKE!

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