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PAKO Forever

PAKO Forever v1.0 (Mod Apk) Escape as long as possible in an endless parking lot! Secrets, power-ups, unlockable cars and plenty of other surprises wait for you in a re-imagined version of the classic original car chase game, PAKO – Car Chase Simulator!

+ Easy and addictive gameplay
+ Generative map is different each time played
+ Play in both portrait and landscape mode
+ Use wacky bonus items and find secret areas!
+ Unlock cars
+ Leaderboard competition
+ Achievements
+ Cloud saving

1) Press and hold touch screen LEFT and RIGHT sides to steer the car. Hold BOTH buttons for extra slide.
2) Avoid driving into any obstacles, but just drive as long as you can.
3) If you manage to collect special item box, use it by DOUBLE TAPPING the screen.
4) The level regenerates on every run. There’s sometimes also wacky “secret” locations to encounter.
PAKO Forever
PAKO Forever
PAKO Forever
PAKO Forever
PAKO Forever
PAKO Forever


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