Gratis TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher Android App

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TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher - Apa kabar tante dan om semua, Makasih banyak dah mau berkunjung ke web indie tech ini. Saat ini, kami di indie tech mau share saran yang akan menunjukkan tentang TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher Android App. Sebaiknya tante dan om cek Android App nya setelah ini, oya jangan lewatkan tante dan om bisa Gratis TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher Android App di bagian bawah artikel :

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TeslaUnread provides unread count badges for Nova Launcher Prime and WidgetLocker. It will not work with other desktops or lockscreens.
Unread counts are natively supported for the most popular chat and email apps, such as Hangouts, Whatsapp and all the apps shown in the screenshot.
Additionally on Android 4.3+ TeslaUnread can watch the notification bar to extract unread counts from virtually any app.
Enable TeslaUnread in Nova Launcher or WidgetLocker Settings > Unread Counts, here you may also customize the style of the badge, such as the size and colors.

Offered By : TeslaCoil Software


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