How to calibrate samsung S2 android 4.1.2?

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How to calibrate samsung S2 android 4.1.2?. Do You mam has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please found the best feedback right after below:

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Calibration apps can be downloaded and available at the Google market. You can download and install it right to your device. Calibration is used to minimize all the active settings in the system. It allows to calibrate the battery of the cellphone to be more powered. It can minimize the brightness of the phone settings. Making it more long life battery. Calibration when done does not mean your phone will be long life bat, it only sets the system stored data be refresh and to clean it system too. Using calibration is not as always. Maybe it will be done at least once a month of using it.


May I know what is the make and model of your android device? Some androids have means to calibrate the screen. Others do not have.

You could try recalibrating the touchscreen by going to Menu, Settings, Language & keyboard, Touch Input, Text Input, under Finger touch precision, choose Calibration tool or even Reset calibration. If it still happens, you may have a bad screen which should be covered under warranty.

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This is how to calibrate your Android 4.0 tablet touchscreen:

Hold the plus button of volume and power on the tablet simultaneously.
(The tablet will turn on and calibration will start right away, be reminded never touch the scree during calibration, )

The tablet will reboot automatic.


Dont know if your device has this option. Guess some of the device doesnt support this kind of option/settings.


Take it to your service example, Verizon Wireless , T Mobil.