How to Root Pixel & Pixel XL on Android Pie 9.0 [Walkthrough]


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▼ Timestamps!

00:03 - Root Pixel (XL) on Android Pie 9.0
00:16 - Before starting
01:09 - Notes
01:53 - Root access and managing it (Magisk)
02:36 - Questions? Ask them in the comments or on Discord!
02:53 - Let's start

02:59 - Google USB Drivers for Windows (macOS and Linux don't need this)
03:23 - Installing the Google USB Drivers (video guide)
03:45 - SDK Platform Tools (New June Update!)
04:18 - TWRP custom recovery
06:00 - Latest Magisk

06:32 - Enabling OEM unlock (Verizon or greyed out option bypass linked below)
08:11 - Reboot to Bootloader
08:38 - Check if device drivers have been installed properly (Windows)

09:35 - Platform Tools (adb, fastboot, 2fs/f2fs)

09:49 - Open Command Prompt in the same directory
10:04 - Running fastboot on different OSes and consoles/Terminal

[Unlocking the Bootloader]
10:59 - Check for devices in fastboot
11:15 - Unlock the bootloader
11:31 - Confirm bootloader unlock on device
11:55 - Reboot your phone from the bootloader

12:19 - Set up Pixel as usual
13:08 - Re-enable developer options
13:27 - Disable automatic updates
14:00 - Remove screen lock (PIN, password, pattern)
14:28 - Copy and optionally TWRP to your phone

14:49 - Reboot to Bootloader

15:15 - Boot the TWRP image (temporarily)
15:35 - Notes about the data decryption screen and read-only system
If you're unable to do so, reboot your phone and remove the screen lock.
Set it to 'Swipe', then boot TWRP again to continue.

16:00 - Install
This is also where you can install TWRP if you want to.
Flash the TWRP installer before Magisk.

17:00 - Reboot to System (Android) once you've flashed everything you need to.

[Finishing Remarks]
17:29 - Finished booting to Android
17:48 - Checking Magisk
18:35 - Checking /root file explorer
18:50 - Finishing remarks (outro)


Time ~30 minutes
A brain
A computer


OEM unlocking greyed out, potential fix:

Google USB Drivers (Windows):
- Tutorial on installing drivers:

Android SDK Platform Tools:

Pixel XL:


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