How to Save Battery Life on Your Android Device

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How to Save Battery Life on Your Android Device by - In daily use of your Smartphone there is a recurring problem: you run out of battery at the wrong time. Today most phones do not come to 2 days battery life charge, and that without heavy use, in which case you get hardly the end of the day. To help you better bring this subject, we propose some alternatives to conventional chargers keep the battery cable to your Smartphone always full and save battery life of your android mobile phone or tablet.

Before choosing which option fits more with you and your android mobile phone, there are some concepts that account should be taken, such as loading rate, the number of connections, etc.

Upload speed (current strength). It is measured in amperes (A) and determines the time you need to complete its load your terminal. The higher the amperage, the full charge will be faster. That said, it may seem that you should always use an amperage as large as possible, but on the other hand it can also be a problem: excessive current flow can damage the battery. The greater the intensity with which we convey our battery power, the lower its useful life. So unless you want to change the battery every so often, please always use the same upload speed which transmits the charger that comes with your device.

Connections / outputs:The vast majority of current output chargers have MicroUSB, which is the standard solution for Smartphones. In terms of numbers, there are those who have one or more, so you can load several terminals simultaneously. Still, there are other alternatives, such as wireless chargers we teach you later, where connections are not needed, just get in touch with the phone.

Notices / notifications (extras): Finally, additional functionality that can help you make a decision on a future purchase is the notifications. For example, there are portable batteries that indicate you how much they have left to load or amperage when you're charging your device. It is an extra feature that could come in handy at a given time.

ALTERNATIVES TO Save Android battery Life and keep Your battery always Full

save battery life for android

  • Power Bank

As its name suggests, it is an external battery that can plug your device when you need to load. It's like you have 2 batteries, once the ends of your android phone, you use the second to load the first. Usually of a small size, so they are comfortable to wear. But watch out, they should also be charged before leaving home.

  • Solar Chargers:

These chargers are characterized by charge your device thanks to solar energy. They have built solar panels that convert sunlight into battery for your mobile. No need outlets but if you run out of battery on a very cloudy day or night it is very difficult you can load one of these.

  • Chargers induction

Such chargers are characterized charge your phone without cables. It allows charging small portable devices using electromagnetic waves transfer energy to the terminal. To achieve this, your mobile must be placed on the surface of the charger. There is a small point to keep in mind when we speak of induction charging, not all phones are able to. If yours is not, you can always buy a compatible case, as in the case of the photo, a Sansung Galaxy Note 4. In this way you would have no trouble using this type chargers.

  • Chargers Crank

This curious contraption dispenses with electrical outlets and are yourself the energy generated by a dynamo mechanism by rotating the handle. As a result, you get to ensure energy anytime, anywhere, by simply turning the crank. The problem is that the loading speed is very slow, so do not be surprised if you leave shoelaces spend an hour after charging your android mobile.

  • Power over Wi-Fi

Studies have been done that show that, technically, you can charge your phone via Wi-Fi, with the router you have at home. The problem is that, today, the loading speed is very low, so it would take forever to fill the battery of a smartphone. We'll see if in the near future this becomes a viable option.

After seeing all available alternatives to save battery life of your android gadget, then have no excuse for running out of battery.