How to Transfer Music Files from iPhone to Computer Using iCopyBot Software

System crash is inevitable to any digital contrivance. The Apple’s iPhone or iPod devices are not exempted to such issue. Regardless of how advance the gadget is, there is always a time when glitches occur. In order to ensure all your files are safe, duplicates or file back ups are necessary. How will you create back up files for your iPhone or iPod devices? Simple, just copy the files to your computer and/or export the files into your iTunes library.

However, in order to do the transfer Music Files from iPhone to Computer, you would need reliable software that is capable to perform such functions. There are actually a lot of options you could choose from, but to make sure you are using the safest, you may consider the iCopyBot Software.

As simple as it should, transferring of music files from the iPhone to the computer with iCopyBot software is so easy to do. The following are few simple steps to help you with the music transfer.

1. Initiate the iCopyBot software. To trigger the transfer, run the iCopyBot Music to Computer Transfer for iPod & iPhone option.

2. Make sure you connect either the iPhone or iPod devices to your computer machine.

3. Select the files you wanted to transfer to your pc. You can do this by checking any of the video, photo, and play list and music files to be moved or copied.

4. After checking every necessary file, click on the button that says, "Copy to Folder" or "Copy to iTunes". The first option indicates that you choose to transfer the files to a certain folder in your computer, while the latter option tells that you would prefer to have the files transferred to the iTunes library.

5. File transfer should then instigate. Wait until it's done and so you've got everything duplicated.

Utilizing the iCopyBot software would give you more benefits. Aside from its simple skinable interface, it is guaranteed free of risk. So, you can try it anytime you want, without having worries of any problems in the later usage.

The iCopyBot software is compatible with all iPod and iPhone models including the latest iPod Touch and iPhone 3G and 3GS versions. Upgrade durations are also free and without a spyware, adware nor virus. Moreover, iCopyBot software is also integrated with auto-reject functionality, which automatically rejects duplicate files during the import process. Therefore, every single storage bit is saved for different files.