How to unblock my pag ibig citi card i entered wrong pin 3 times?

How to unblock my pag ibig citi card i entered wrong pin 3 times?. Are You guys has this kind of question?, If do then plz found the tips below this line:\r\n

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Immediately Call Bank , Almost all banks UAN Helpline numbers works 24 hours , tell them that you made three mistaken transactions with wrong passwords , It could cause block on your account and card , so by requesting to bank over the phone you can normalize your account and card , Just bank will verify your ID , ACCOUNT NUMBER And in some cases Bank can demand for written form or application , But you must inform Bank immidiately .

A Shaikh

Hi, puk code is classified in to two categories,the puk code and puk2 code.
puk code can be used for only 3 times and after which the phone locks.You will need a unlock code from your service provider.puk2 code is the code used to unlock puk code and it can only be used 10 times, after this and not getting it right the simcard basically dies out, here you have to purchase a new sim card.Hope that this helps.


Hi friend.. if you have entered a wrong pin no. to your card three times, then it will be blocked automatically. to recover it, try again to use it after 24 hours and enter the right pin,. but if it still not working, you may call your bank, and report it. so that they may do actions about it.


Hi friend,
just wait 24 hours after you have entered your wrong pin, it may be activated,. but if it still not working, try to ask help from the bank, so that they will give you some instruction to fix it.


Call the call centre toll free number with bsnl sim and take ref number and write an application to the br,manager for atm block to issue new atm / pin.


How to unblock my axis bank debit card i entered 3 times wrong trascation password? Its urgent need to pay right now… please say fast.


You will have to call the number on the back of your card. They block it for your security.


Go to metro bank to get it fix they will ask you to sign paper works for that.


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