How to Unlock your iPod Touch If You Forgot Your Password?

How to Unlock your iPod Touch If You Forgot Your Password?. iJEN - The iPod Touch has a very unique feature – the lock feature. This feature allows you to lock your Touch when it’s not hooked up to a computer so that people who want to see your private information (or play all your really cool iPod Touch apps) can’t. This feature can be turned off by entering the password you created for it. But there’s one problem. If you forget your ipod touch password, Apple still cannot get into your iPod for you. This means that if your Touch is locked and you don’t know the password, it might seem as though you’re out of luck. But you’re not. Here’s a simple trick you can try if you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament.

Please follow the steps below to Unlock your ipod Touch:

You could unlock ipod touch if forgot passcode with following method, Start by connecting your iPod Touch to its home computer. This is the computer that you first synced your iPod Touch with. Open iTunes. You don’t have to stay in iTunes very long or even do anything in there while you’re in it if you don’t want to. When you’re finished, close out of iTunes and disconnect the iPod Touch from the computer. This should be all that’s needed to unlock the iPod Touch.

If you have tried this step and your iPod Touch still won’t unlock, then you will need to restore it. It’s very important to remember however that restoring your iPod will delete all of the songs, videos, apps, and other information that you have loaded onto it. Once your ipod touch device is unlocked then you will be able to sync it up with your computer again and (assuming all of the same information is also on your computer), your Touch will be just as it was.

So, what’s the lesson? Don’t forget your password!!! (Or, just don’t use this feature.)