I have problems with my bank involving fraudulent with my bank want the school board to give extension to wait on the bank to resolve the problem?

I have problems with my bank involving fraudulent with my bank want the school board to give extension to wait on the bank to resolve the problem?. Are You mate has that kind of question?, If do then please check the good soution below this line:\r\n

I have problem with my bank involving fraudulent want the school board to extend time for payment of daughter`s fees until the case is resolve.


Answers for this question:

This is an example letter from company to issue credit card to an employee to the bank.


Name of the Bank Manager with Designation
Name of the bank
Address of the bank

Sir/ Ma`am,

I am the Head of ( Name of the Company ), the employer of ( your name or the name of the employee who is applying for the credit card).
I am writing this letter to make an application for a credit card under above employee`s name. Currently, he/she has a savings account with you with account number ( employee`s account number ). Please let us know what are the requirements. You may contact me at ( your phone number ) or email me at ( your email address ). You can also directly communicate to the employee by calling his/her contact number at ( employee`s contact number).
Hoping for your quick response.
Thank you.


Name of the Head of the company with designation.


If you want to change your atm card you need to go to your respective bank then approach to the customer service and tell them about your problem and you also tell her that you need to replace it as soon as possible. If the customer service tell yo that she need your application you need to fill up application for replacement of your atm as i know you need some supporting id to proof that you are the real owner of the atm. After you fill up you ask again the customer service when you will get your new atm because you need it as soon as possible. All yo have to do is fallow their instruction and you can have a new or replacement atm card.

Virginia Baytan

Yes you need to write a formal application letter to head of the branch so here is the sample letter:


Address of the bank

Dear Sir/Ma`am,

I would like to inform you that mt ATM card was damaged and I am requesting to release for a new one.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Your Name.


To be able to get personal loans Dubai from a bank or a finance company you need to give last 3 months of original bank statements along with Passport copy with visa page, Copy of trade license, Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Power of Attorney (POA).



Sometimes employee have a limitation and wait for the instruction of the employer. Lesson to learn and next time have patiencein doing things.


I think the best way to do so, if your letter must be formal, is do it online foor some money. there are websites that would give you tailor made essays.


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Call the bank and have them send a temporary password to your e-mail acct.






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