I`m sure this was asked before, but why won`t Netflix keep me signed in on my LG Smart TV?

I`m sure this was asked before, but why won`t Netflix keep me signed in on my LG Smart TV?. Do You mister or misses has that kind of uncertainty?, If do then please check the tips right after below:\r\n

Netflix should keep me signed in all the time. What can I do so I dont have to sign in everytime I access it on my LG Smart tv.


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If your boss asked you to follow up, then you should follow up as you are working for your boss, you will just represent your boss, this is like following up on behalf of your boss. Unless this is a criminal activity then you shouldn’t do it.


Well does it say you account is on hold?,For more help go to netflex/upgrade.com?something has gone wrong with your account, does it say Opps, Have you watched it for a month? if you answered yes to any of these questions probaly you have to pay every month 7.99 and you probably did the free trial.


Me too!
I live in Denmark and I use VPN to get a US IP. It has worked so far – but now Netflix starts and stops after a few seconds with the message: “Now exiting…”
Could someone in US please contact Samsung Support?


You have to go to your account and go to the section that has netflix on the go
then it will give you a code to input in your email.


She is your boss and you have to fallow her orders. You have to follow up!


Log on to netflix .com from pc and follow directions about enabling other devices. Good luck!


Sure,that`s the best solution, you just got everything.






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