Importing Music from iPhone to Computer with iCopyBot Software

For sure you have gotten all your favorite songs into your portable iPhone or iPod devices. But then you would want to have the same songs into your computer machine for certain reasons per se for backing up purposes. So, you may wonder how to do it. Or perhaps you already have an idea but not sure what software to use. To help you decide which software to utilize when doing the transfer, iCopyBot software is made accessible.

What is iCopyBot and how to use it?

The iCopyBot software is a special program specifically intended to perform transfer of music files from the iPhone or iPod to the computer machine. It works in a way that makes an easy transferring by arranging files into a batch of videos, songs, play lists and images from the portable iPhone or iPod device to a certain directory in your computer. After you have transferred all the music or files you want to move to your pc, you can proceed with importing them to your iTunes archive.

Importance of File or Music Transfer

It is not only music that you could transfer to your computer from the iPhone or iPod. Rather it includes every necessary file on it, as such videos, photos, movies and the like. Transferring of these files would be necessary for backing up purposes. You would not know when the unexpected technical glitches (system crash) can transpire to your portable devices. So, it is better to be ready at all times.

Other reasons for music file transfer from iPhone to computer with iCopyBot software are as follow:

1. File sharing purposes - when you want to share files to your friends and other important people.

2. File saving for back ups - say for instance you would want to reinstall your iTunes library and/or the iPhone system itself. Saving necessary files to your computer from the iPhone device would make the later file restoration process faster and easier. After the system re-installation in your iPhone or iPod device, you can just connect your computer to either portable devices, and transfer the files back.

iCopyBot software offers you with the fastest and easiest file transfer off your iPhones or iPods to your computer folders.  It is limited to only reading of data from your portable devices. Yet, guaranteed safe to use.

Same things it does when you do the reverse transfer as such rebuilding of your iTunes library. Whatever your current file settings are, prior to the transfer will remain the same after. Furthermore, with iCopyBot software, the output archive will be as organized as you wanted.