Kali On Android Without Root #kaliLinux #Android #NoRoot


Kali On Android Without Root #kaliLinux #Android #NoRoot - Pa kabar teman teman semua, Thanks udah mau datang ke web Indietech dotmy.id ini. Saat ini, saya di blog Indietech dotmy.id akan sharing tips dlm bentuk youtube video yang oke banget yang membahas tentang Kali On Android Without Root #kaliLinux #Android #NoRoot.

Walaupun sudah puluhan blog yang sharing tips about term Kali On Android Without Root #kaliLinux #Android #NoRoot ini. Tetapi enggak ada masalah kan bila saya blog Indietech dotmy.id ikutan sharing dalam bentuk youtube video yang oke banget kan?.

Ok teman teman semua, lni dia teman menonton youtube videonya berikut ini:

UserLand, created by UserLAnd Technologies, is a completely free an open-source app which allows you to run several Linux distributions like Ubuntu,Debian, and Kali.

- No need to root your device.
- Use a built-in terminal to access your favorite shells.
- Easily connect to VNC sessions for a graphical experience.

Many learner don't want to let their device vulnerable to threats by #Rooting just for using #Linux on their Smartphones.
In this video I will show you how to install kaliLinux on android device without rooting the device using UserLand App (Available on Play Store and F-Droid) .
As userland install kali with very limited number of software we'll also Install some essential Software like screen, net-tools, curl, nano, wget, neofetch, netcat etc.

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