Maganda Ba At Matibay Ang Cherry Mobile Flare?


Maganda Ba At Matibay Ang Cherry Mobile Flare?. Do You mam has that kind of query?, If do then please read the answer right after below:\r\n

Answers for this question:

Cherry mobile flare is a good android phone because has a 4inch display and great name interface but the disadvantage of this mobile phone is battery because it will not lat a day, even less.


Maybe you mean O.S version. Samsung and Cherry mobile uses only one O.S which is the Android Operating System.
They only differ in versions like jelly bean, kitkat, donut cup cake, honeycomb, cream, etc.
If that so, you can upgrade your O.S. Just go to the nearest product store or download it directly from the internet.
The latest Android O.S up to this time is the Android 4.4 Kitkat or internally known as the Project Svelte. This version was released last September 2013 and requires the phone if you use this with 512MB of Random Access Memory or RAM.


Hello, in order to know your MAC Address for you mobile cherry flare do this.

First connect to a Wi-Fi connection in which you has an access to the admin page.

Once connected, go to the login page of the Wi-Fi router.

Now there should be an option wherein “Show connected devices” be sure that you`re the only one who is connected to the Wi-Fi for you to identify it easily.

Take note of the MAC Address. Then you`re done.


You can use one Sim at a time but you can receive messages at both Sim cards any time you just need to choose which Sim you will use to access the message and to send message using that Sim

you cannot use both Sim at the same time in some instances

hope this will help you 🙂


Make sure that your wifi have enough strength, check the modem and cable. You should also check the connectivity settings of your phone.


If you still can access your gmail account use it to unlock your phone. They will request your gmail namename and password. Type it if you still have that account.


Just go to your Android settings:
Settings > About phone/tablet > Status > MAC address.


The battery is the problem. change the new one and try.


Ui system not working how do I fix it.


I dont really know how to.


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