Most Common Problems In Android and Their Solution

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Most Common Problems In Android and Their Solution by - The fact that Android is an operating system installed on many models of smartphones makes the number of users is greater and therefore the doubts of use or incidents increase. In this post we've compiled some of the most common android problems in order to offer the solution. We hope to help you.

Here Are some of Common Problems in Android And the Solution To fix Them

android most common problems

Internet did not work

The main reason why Android can not connect to the Internet network, is because it has clearly defined the APN settings or access points. See for yourself by following these steps or in detail with video

Check that the WiFi is off. From menu> Settings> Connections
Make sure the "Mobile Data" option on your phone is activated from Menu> More networks> Mobile Data.
Check access point or APN. Select mobile Internet and the option should appear APN and APN type of default display.

Accessing if I have forgotten the password

If you have set a password on your Android and you forgotten I'm afraid you'll have to return your phone to factory settings if you want to use it again. It depends on the model of Android you have, but usually follow these steps and press these buttons in this order and hold for several seconds

volume more
center button
Power button

Now select, with the volume key, the option:

Wipe data factory reset
Confirm by pressing Yes delete all user data
Click reboot system now

Android Phone Does not turn on

If your phone does not turn on, try to first remove and put back the battery. In the event that a smartphone that you can not remove the battery pressed for approximately 15 seconds the power button. If this does not work you plug the phone with charger and you press the power button for 15 seconds.

If any of these tricks are still not bear fruit, then contact the technical support service. If you are a customer of Vodafone number is 22155.

I can not find the download file

Android stores files that are downloaded into a folder called "Download" by default. To access this folder go to Menu> My files> All files> Download. There you can see all the folders and files that you downloaded on your Smartphone.

A downloaded video is not displayed

In these cases it is best that you install an app that allows you to watch videos of different formats. We suggest you try it with VLC Player or MX Player.

Free some RAM from the Android mobile phone

To make your android mobile phone faster, the only solution to this problem is to uninstall works best applications. Check out those you do not use or even disable notifications in those which you do not need to have information constantly. A fact is that there app that work in the background even when you are not using. This consumes RAM and makes your phone runs slower.