Netflix vs SHOWBOX Apk Android – Which is The Best One?

Netflix vs SHOWBOX Apk Android -, Leaving aside the purely legal aspects, benefits and drawbacks have you experienced with using Netflix vs "free option" Showbox?

I tested both Netflix and Showbox Apk for android and feel Showbox apk is the best for me mainly because I can:

  • Choose to use an external player (eg mx player).
  • Select picture quality.
  • Greater supply of both films and television series.
  • The range is updated quickly.
  • Easy to download.

Disadvantages of SHOWBOX Apk

showbox apk android

The main disadvantages of SHOWBOX is:

  • You must download subtitles with another app.
  • Only works on Android.
  • Cross device sync missing.

Certainly, several advantages Showbox apk course, depends on the people behind Showbox chosen to ignore the legal aspects, but it is nevertheless interesting to see how incredibly much easier it could work.

Personally I am more than happy to pay for a legal service that been as smooth and ease the Showbox.

Streaming movies and TV series is as far as I can understand perfectly legal for me as a viewer because I do not save anything locally.

Download Showbox apk App for Android Here.

So, you who have tested both Netflix vs SHOWBOX Apk Android services, what are your experiences?