Recommended Android Wear Apps

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Recommended Android Wear Apps - Indie Tech My Id, May well be that I look bad, but did anyway no thread where people talk about recommended apps for Android Wear (in general, not specific to any clock or watch faces, or embedded in longer and more general topics about any specific clock ).

So this article, I thought then of the android wear apps you have to recommend to the Android Wear (watch faces, we can bring in another thread). Here are a few I use for my android phone:

Here are some Great Android Wear Apps for Your Android Phone

android wear apps

Wear Mini Launcher
Troubled great app! Swipe from the left edge to open an "app launcher". To swipe away a notification must, however, now start in the middle of the notification - you begin with your finger right on the left, open man who said launcher instead. It takes some getting used to, but it works.

Use it primarily to get rid notifierarad care if the clock loses contact with the cell phone, but it can still be used to find the phone by activating a signal from the clock.

Calculator for Android Wear
Can not say I have used it very often, but it works well, and it can be easy with a calculator on the arm.

Google Fit
Most people have probably read the news, but briefly it is Google's health app, counting steps, activity during the day and more - I am not a hearty type, but it is interesting (and somewhat depressing) to see how much you move around during day.

Google Keep
Another app that most people probably already running, but via the Android Wear app you can set this as your default 'take a note "command and thus make notes synced between all your devices. Even smoothly for example shopping lists.

Yatse Xbmc / Kodi Remote
Remote control your media center - the app itself is absolutely the best on a tablet with an overview of all your media, but at the time you get great basic functions like play / pause / etc controls and the ability for voice recognition, for example, you can say to the "Play the next episode of The Walking Dead "to see the first unseen episode of The Walking Dead. Requires you to run XMBC / Kodi on your media player.

What's the song? As Shazam onto your watch.

Wear Tip Calculator
Figure out the tip directly on the arm, perfect for the US trip, for SEK 7 you can purchase the ability to split the bill too.

Wear Camera Remote
Nice remote camera app also shows kllockan what the camera on the mobile phone looks.

Wear Music Controller
Control Spotify etc. on mobile from time. Work a little so-so to be honest, but when it works it's good.