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Generel CharacteristicsGenerel Characteristics: 
DesignerCompany which designed the semiconductor component
Samsung TypeExynos 9 Octa 9609 Year Released2019 FunctionMain function of the component 
Multi-core Application Processor with Modem

Width of Machine WordMaximum bitwidth of ALU operands. Width of machine word can also be defined in different ways (register width, instruction width, etc.) in case of recent microprocessors.
64 bit Supported Instruction Set(s)ARMv8-A (A32, A64) Type of processor core(s)Type and allocation of processor core(s) 4x ARM Cortex-A73 + 4x ARM Cortex-A53 MPcore Number of processor core(s)octa-core

Memory Interface(s):  

LPDDR4x SDRAM Data Bus WidthMaximum selectable bit width of primary data bus (RAM) of memory interface 16 bit Number of data bus channels2 ch

Clock FrequenciesClock Frequencies: 
Recommended Maximum Clock Frequency
2200 MHz max.

Cache MemoriesCache Memories: 

Technology and PackagingTechnology and Packaging: 
Feature SizeThe minimum physical dimension in the integrated circuit which can be fabricated with the given semiconductor technology
10 nm Semiconductor Technology:  
CMOSComplementary Metal-oxide - Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor FabPlant which fabricates the semiconductor component Samsung

Graphical SubsystemGraphical Subsystem: 
Embedded GPUManufactuer (or IP designer) and type of embedded graphics coprocessor(s).
ARM Mali-G72 GPU Number of GPU cores3-core GPU

Cellular CommunicationCellular Communication: 

Supported Cellular Data LinksList of supported cellular data links 

CSDCircuit Switched Data (CSD) is the original data link protocol of GSM. Up to 9600bit/s download speed
, GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
, EDGEEnhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution also known as Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS)
, UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System. UMTS Release '99 data link layer, W-CDMA grants up to 384 kbit/s pocket-switched download speed.
, HSUPAHigh-Speed Uplink Packet Access is a 3.5G UMTS uplink protocol.
, HSUPA 1.4
, HSUPA 2.0
, HSUPA 5.8
, HSUPA 11.5
, HSDPAHigh-Speed Downlink Packet Access is a 3.5G UMTS downlink protocol.
, HSDPA 1.8
, HSDPA 3.6
, HSDPA 10.2
, HSDPA 14.4
, HSPA+ 21.1
, HSPA+ 28.8
, HSPA+ 42.2Single-carrier HSPA+ 42.2 Mbps
, DC-HSDPA 42.2Dual-carrier HSPA+ 42.2 Mbps
, TD-SCDMATime Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access is the implementation of UMTS  (3G) cellular network in China.
, LTELTE (Long Term Evolution) or the E-UTRAN (Evolved Universal Terrestrial Access Network), introduced in 3GPP R8, is the 4G access part of the Evolved Packet System (EPS).
, LTE 100/50LTE 100.8 Mbps / 50.4 Mbps (Cat. 3)
, LTE 150/50LTE 151.2 Mbps / 50.4 Mbps (Cat. 4)
, LTE 300/50More exact values: LTE 301 Mbps / 50.4 Mbps (Cat. 6)
, LTE 300/75LTE 300 Mbps / 75.6 Mbps (Cat. 5)
, LTE 300/100More exact values: LTE 301 Mbps / 100.8 Mbps (Cat. 7)
, LTE 400/150LTE Category 13: 400 Mbps downlink, 150 Mbps uplink
, LTE 450/50LTE Category 9: 450 Mbps  downlink, 50 Mbps uplink
, LTE 600/50LTE Category 11: 600 Mbps downlink, 50 Mbps uplink
, LTE 600/100LTE Category 12: 600 Mbps downlink, 100 Mbps uplink data links

Satellite NavigationSatellite Navigation: 

Supported GPS protocol(s):  

Yes Supported Galileo service(s)Galileo is a global satellite  navigation system operated by European Union and the European Space Agency. 
Yes Supported GLONASS protocol(s)GLONASS is a global satellite  navigation system operated by Russia. 
Yes Supported BeiDou system (BDS)BeiDou System (BDS) is a Chinese satellite navigation system. Its global variant is the BeiDou-2 alias COMPASS. 

Additional InformationAdditional Information: 
Special Features
Quad 2.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A73 Harvard Superscalar processor.. ››

Datasheet AttributesDatasheet Attributes: 
Data IntegrityData integrity level determines the integrity of the published information. Final datasheets are not intended to be modified in the future, preliminary ones can be based on unofficial information or speculations, incomplete ones are also preliminary b 

Preliminary AddedThe exact time of the datasheet addition
2019-09-10 11:48

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