Sata controller not present in bios?


Sata controller not present in bios?. Do You mister or misses has this kind of problem?, If do then please read the good tips right after below:\r\n

I have to install windows xp but i need to change sata controller in bios


Answers for this question:

1.Disconnect the power cable from the computer tower.
2.Press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds to remove the residual power.
3.Open the computer cover.
4.Reseat (disconnect and reconnect) the Hard Drive connections (both SATA and power connectors) and check if the computer boots. If the computer works fine the issue is fixed, otherwise follow the next step.
5.Connect the Hard Drive to other SATA ports on the motherboard. If the Hard Drive is detected, one of the SATA ports on the motherboard is bad. If the Hard Drive is still not detected follow the next step.
6.Try a different SATA cable and see if the Hard Drive is detected. If the Hard Drive is detected, the problem is with the SATA cable and has to be replaced. Else, follow the next step.
7.If possible, check the Hard Drive by connecting it to another computer. If the Hard Drive works fine in another computer, the motherboard is bad and needs replacement. If the Hard Drive is not detected in another computer also, you need to replace the Hard Drive.


Hello! a pleasant day to you… sata hard disk drive is a type of hard disk that uses sata cable, i assume that the speed we are talking about the 6gb/s and 3gb/s, there is no problem about it. it will still work fine. because it has the same sata port/slot in your motherboard.hope it helps!


Hello. How many letters do you need to complete the word that you`re looking for? Kindly get back to us with more clues so we could try and help you out better.
For now, try the words PRESENT and RECEIVE. Let me know if that helps! Thanks!


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