Securing Private Information with mSecure App

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What is mSecure and how is it being used?

The name denotes its primary purpose… By definition, mSecure is an application for both iPhone and iPod Touch designed to protect private information stored in your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is an application tool patented by mSeven Software Company.

mSecure utilities would include storing of classified information including social security numbers, usernames and passwords, credit card information and the like. The software utilizes a 25-bit encryption code called Blowfish. Such is used to guarantee security to every single data you entered into your handy gadget. Thus, regardless of whether it is stolen or lost, perhaps, you do not have to worry about things like 'data theft'.

Benefits of Using mSecure with iPhone and iPod Touch

With the fast pacing world, many people would prefer for anything as 'instant', whenever and wherever they are. One good evident of this thought is instant information for people on the go. With portable devices, all these are made more promising.

Many people have a propensity to keep private information into their portable devices including the iPhone or iPod Touch. It is because it would serve as a quick reference for them. Say for instance, they need their socials security number and would want to verify if they got it right. Knowing that it is already stored in their handy gadget, there is no need to rush home to scan notes or dig some files. With the iPhone or iPod gadget, they would get the information in an instant.

However, handy gadgets as they are called, it is also true that they can easily be lost or stolen. Thinking of these possibilities, it is just right to secure all the sensitive data you stored in these gadgets. This is where mSecure app plays a vital role.

mSecure Utilities and Features

In a cost of $2.99, you can get a share of mSecure application from the iTunes store.

The application tool has colorful icons in which you can use to personalize file types. It also has a customizable user interface with unlimited fields in each type and with a native iPhone look. It is embedded with a quick search utility that enables you to lookup for records instantly. Viewing of individual data description or items is made simpler and easier. To make it more secure, password protection utility is also available with accessible hint features. Furthermore, mSecure application for iPhone and iPod Touch has the standard data encryption with 256-bit.