Sharpest tips for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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This is usually cited as one of the most significant innovations in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Until now, Android users are not able to do anything about it when the apps they installed would have access to things like phone book, position, camera and so on. Your choices have stayed at simply avoid installing or uninstalling apps request more rights than you want to give them.

But with the update to the android marshmallow has changed. For you as a user has partly become much easier to see what rights the installed apps request, and it is possible nowadays to quickly block the programs access to certain functions.

For developers, that they will eventually have to ask for rights over again. It could mean that Instagram for Android in the future may see a dialog box where the program asks if it is to gain access to your camera every time you open the app. The idea is that in this way will know exactly when an application uses a function and why.

Even now it is possible to prevent apps from accessing certain functions. But be careful - the majority of android apps have still not been optimized for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which means that there is a risk that they will not work as intended if you start to fiddle with settings.

1. Start Settings and go to Apps in the Department Unit.

2. Go to the app you want to adjust and click the icon.

3. Open permissions.

4. Drag one of the controls to stop access to various functions.

Google Now inside apps

The virtual assistant Google Now came with the launch of Android 4.1, and has since been expanded gradually. Now it is time for the next major update of the service.

Fresh additional feature Now on Tap allows you to take advantage of contextual information within the app by pressing the home button on the device. Google will then read what is on the screen, and then present more information about the things that seem to be of interest.

If for example, someone sends you a text message containing the name of the hotel Now on Tap showcase relevant details such as phone numbers and shortcuts to trial and directions in a small box at the bottom of the screen.

But it is also possible to use new Now on Tap by voice. By driving down the Home button while listening to music in Spotify, for example, ask, "Who is it that sings« the system is ingenious enough to understand what you mean, and can display the information that you have requested.

10 news of Android 6.0 Marshmallow you might have missed

Android marshmallow

1. Automatic backup of apps
Android now save app data automatically via Google Drive. Recharging takes place only when the phone is in idle mode, connected to wifi and charging. Data from the apps, which may be a maximum of 25 megabytes, is stored in encrypted form.

2. Throw apps directly from the home screen
Anyone who wanted to take away a program of earlier Androidversioner got nice open app and do it from there. Now you can fix directly on the home screen, by holding your finger on an app icon and then select "Uninstall".

3. New look of app
To scroll horizontally is just soooo 2014. Therefore, Google has been testing a new solution where all programs in app now appear in a vertical list. Against white background. Stylish and neat.

4. Delete screenshots easier
Previously it was possible to share on screens in the notification menu on your phone. Now, Google has made the feature even a little smarter by adding so that you can also delete images captured on the screen directly from the same menu.

5. Extended volume control
This feature has long existed in other Android-based interfaces, but Google has finally also fixed so that you can adjust the volume individually for announcements, media and alarms on your phone or tablet.

6. Smart "Leave me alone" button
Quick settings, which you activate by sliding your finger from the top of the screen, has a new shortcut: Do Not Disturb. By clicking on it, you can select the unit, for example, should be completely silent or transmit important announcements.

7. Newspaper stands
Android 6.0 feature Adoptable Storage Device means that you can take an external storage device - such as an SD card - and reformat it to an internal storage space. You can then cinch to move the app and user data between memory devices.

8. Get track of memory usage
Now you can check out how installed apps using working memory on your Android. In this way it is easy to find out if any programs eating RAM in a way that it should not do. The new feature - available in the Settings - can show consumption over the past three, six, twelve or 24 hours.

9. Better cut-and-paste
The marking text can now see the buttons for cut, copy, and share directly above paragraph to stand in. Gone are thus the cryptic buttons for the same functions as a low top of the screen before.

10. Chrome works inside apps
Custom Tabs is a new ingenuity that makes Android not need to open a new tab in Chrome whenever you click a link in an app. Instead, it shows the site being linked to in a stripped-down box that lies on top of the app you are already in.