Task: Microsoft scraps android converter

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Microsoft's Universal Apps mean you can write an app that works on both a Windows PC and a Windows mobile, but to widen the concept further, Microsoft launched last spring four projects to further broaden the base for Windows apps. Project Westminister for web apps, the Centennial Project to transform standard Windows programs to apps, Project Island Wood to convert iOS apps to Windows and Project Astoria to run Android apps on Windows.

The latter proved to be more controversial than others because it, unlike the other projects are not meant to be compiled apps to Windows, but simply drove Androidapparna in a java machine on Windows.

Many Windows developers felt betrayed when there was no longer any reason to develop directly into Windows. Meanwhile, nor Android Developers satisfied when the system Gorde it easy to pirate Android apps.

Recently, it has been quiet about Project Astoria, and several sources on the Web is now reporting that the project in practice is sown, and that Microsoft just looking for the right way to bring it on, but it appears to be a failure. Among other things, all traces of the Project Astoria been removed from Windows 10 Mobile in the latest beta versions, and the Microsoft discussion of the subject company has not responded to questions since September.

The reason the project is put on hold is said to be political rather than technical. In addition to the reasons against emulating Android apps above said the project also have been labor intensive, with 60-80 people working with it, against five persons for the Island Wood.

Project Island Wood, to convert iOS apps to Windows by recompiling them are said to be alive and good health, and viewed from Microsoft's perspective, there really is not any great need to be able to convert applications from both Android and iOS, then both systems has a very large app selection that increasingly are the same.

Microsoft's official comment on the speculation is just that Astoria is not ready yet, and it refers to the other projects.