Three Things You Should Know Prior to Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 3G

Though many have had thought of hacking as an illicit act, it is irrefutable, that jailbreaking also plays a significant role to apparently maximize the use of any available technological device, per se the iPhone 3G from Apple. Whether you like it or not, many are benefited from such proceeding. Nevertheless, prior to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G, you should deem with these prior thoughts. Doing so, will make things clear, thus, preventing further unwanted issues from occurring with your phones.

  • Determine whether you want to jailbreak or unlock the iPhone device. Note that jailbreaking is different from unlocking. Although, the two of them are both referring to iPhone hacks. Jailbreaking would allow you to install third-party software to your iPod Touch or iPhone device. These applications can be downloaded from online stores, usually made accessible by Icy and Cyndia. Of course, these third-party applications are not permitted by the Apple business.

We are aware on Apple’s exclusive network provider. If you are sick of being stuck in a single network, then you may consider unlocking your iPhone. Jailbreak does its job by letting you utilize any other cellular networks other than AT&T. This simply means that if you are in the United States, you too, can make use T-mobile network for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Know which one comes first – is it jailbreaking or unlocking. Jailbreaking always comes first. In short, you need to jailbreak iPhone, prior to unlocking it. However, if you wish to jailbreak your phone, there is no need for unlocking.
  • Firmware and baseband compatibility. Be aware of what iPhone firmware version and baseband you have. Regardless of whether you would want to jailbreak or unlock iPhone 3G, make sure to use only the software hack that is compatible with both the modem firmware and baseband.

This is the rationale behind several complaints concerning with the issues encountered when attempting to jailbreak or unlock iPhone 3G firmware 3.1 versions, particularly with the Ultrasnow hacking software. This is due to the fact that iPhone 3G firmware 3.1 has a baseband 05.11.07 version. This makes it unfeasible to jailbreak or unlock with Ultrasnow.

The most recent Ultrasnow application can only work with baseband 04.26.08 version. In order to succeed in unlocking the device, you have to consider downgrading from 05.11.07 baseband to the older version. But that is if you opt to use Ultrasn0w in this case. For you to unlock iPhone 3G with modem firmware 3.1.2, you can make use of ultrasnow, blackra1n, snowbreeze, PwnageTool, redsnow or blacksnow. They are compatible, thus should work.

Final Note

Baseband download will only work if your iPhone has a Bootloader 5.8. In order to know whether your iPhone has it or not, use Fuzzyband. It pays to know these vital details prior to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3G contrivances.