Unduh EZ Meta Tag Editor 1.0.3 by Poikosoft


EZ Meta Tag Editor 1.0.3 by Poikosoft - Hallo sobs semua, Thanks dah mau datang ke blog Indietech ini. Malam ini, kami di Indietech akan share saran yang menampilkan tentang EZ Meta Tag Editor 1.0.3 by Poikosoft. Ini dia sobs lihat berikut ini:\r\n

EZ Meta Tag Editor 1.0.3 by Poikosoft

EZ Meta Tag Editor is a powerful and easy to use audio file metadata editor. It supports metadata editing of 20+ audio formats.

The Poikosoft’s application allows you to browse your music collection with explorer style viewer and edit all metadata of audio files.

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Also you can perfect the audio files with high quality metadata and cover art. You will able to get metadata and cover art from 6 online databases.

EZ Meta Tag Editor is the enhanced metadata editor for editing all metadata tags. It has the option to edit multiple audio files at once in Batch mode. Moreover it lets you add ReplayGain metadata to your audio files.

This application offers you the easiest way to manage the metadata of your audio files.


  • Easy to use
  • Browse your music library with Windows Explorer style viewer
  • Edit all metadata tags of audio files
  • Add and edit cover art of audio files
  • Supports all metadata tags
  • Download metadata from 6 online databases
  • Download high-quality cover art from online databases
  • ReplayGain scanning for automatic loudness leveling on playback

Typical EZ Meta Tag Editor usages:

  • Manage your audio collection
  • Correct the tags of audio files
  • Get high-resolution cover art to audio files
  • Add ReplayGain information to audio files

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