Unduh Gratis Clashbot 7.9.0 VIP Version Download [Latest Version Updated]

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Clashbot 7.9.0

Clashbot 7.9.0 VIP Version Download [Latest Version Updated]

ClashBot BlueStacks Android emulator uses the Clash of Clans to play directly from your computer. Using advanced algorithms for image recognition that can detect the collision of objects Achievements and apply algorithms and specific methods for each task to be completed. The end result is a beautiful Clash of Clans bot that has dozens of customization options.

Easy to Use
Clash of Clans bots know it could be the first time for many people and so did the interface extremely easy to use and configure. Not only our documentation very detailed help, but we also have a community of enormous amazing individuals who are willing to help you with any problems you may have. The ClashBot community is like a second family.

No Hacks or Jailbreaks Required
ClashBot allows bot Clash of Clans in BlueStacks using their computer, which means there is no reason to change your mobile device using surface roots or jailbreaks. ClashBot uses this system to make sure you are always online and never have to worry about being attacked again!

Choose how to Bot
Everyone has different needs and are at different stages of their career Clans shock. This means adjustments must be personalized and tailored specifically to each individual user. Our features allow you to choose what to train troops automatically, what the troops request automatically and donate what adjustments automatically to search for, and what you want to be based attack automatically, and with what method of attack, and much more !.

Bonus info:
VIP Advanced Prioritized Support
Early Access to Public BETA launches
Advanced Troop Training and attack
Automatic Updates wall and construction
Avoid strong foundation for increasing hourly Loot
Auto Trophy Push and release
Automatic Troop Request
Intelligent Troop donation
Button Force Attack
Chat automatic messages (Advertising Global)
Boost Barracks, dark Headquarters, Queen, King and Warden
Reduce the use of BlueStacks and speed up your computer
PushBullet Mobile Notifications
Save Loot imaging and analysis Images
Notifications about finding a base
Hours function anti-ban
Ability to change the resolution of BlueStacks when done botting
No ads

Release 7.9 contains:

Powered by TH11 Update
New dead base detection with the added enhancement to the lowest level players!
The bot can now zoom and scroll to successfully adapt to the new database size!
Added spell Training!
Added spell Donate!
Brand new, very fast authentication system
Grand Warden can be powered and used during the attacks!
Added option “Finding a base ..” options on the Miscellaneous tab with the new “bot detention when the basis is”
Ability to save, upload and share all settings file with Added
Added All algorithms attack normal bases
Added New algorithm Attack Stores’
Added support for new messages and breaks BlueStacks Management
Heroes are activated before a battle Surrender / to save health
Attack Force attack button the current base instead of the following (you can use with the base Skip delay to provide extra time to hit the button)
Running: [Important]

Download my ClashBot from Below
Remove anywhere
Open Clashbot.exe
Login with any details
Fact :)

VIP version :)

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